Is it fair for Sean Cody to charge the same membership price as Men?

Sean Cody now updates once a week. This coming Friday, it will be Devy & Brogan.

While, Men already released the scene of Malik Delgaty & Roman Todd yesterday.

And, two scenes of Theo Brady are up next. A bonus scene from Trans Angels followed by his pair-up with Finn Harding.

That’s two plus a bonus scene for Men per week. Yet, these two sites owned by MindGeek are priced the same.

10 thoughts on “Is it fair for Sean Cody to charge the same membership price as Men?

  1. It’s not fair at all. Before the pandemic they would update the site twice a week. I purchased a long subscription and it’s a rip off. What I paid for and what I’m getting are two different things.

    1. I agree with you. But since I haven’t found SC to be anything but awful since the sale, around 71/2 years ago, it doesn’t matter what they do. Hard to believe there are still subscribers.
      Though I do remember the days when pre-sale SC was the best site, with an update every other day, alternating solo and sex scenes, and an occasional auditions update.
      I loved SC, CF, and ChaosMen– now I subscribe to none of them.
      Times have certainly changed since then.

      1. I agree I use to subscribe and have rejoined CF to download their old scenes. SC forget it as it has turn to crap now!

        1. Have they fixed the library? I joined a few years ago, right after the site redesign. Some scenes previously released in 1080p were low resolution like 480p. Even though other scenes released in the same month were 720p or 1080p.

          Emailed the content manager and they said it was being worked on. But not rejoining to get my old faves until that has been done.

  2. Of course as a consumer it’s fair! If you don’t like the cost, you give it a hard pass and buy something else…that’s how capitalism and buying what you want works. If it’s too expensive they’ll go under, and the consumer has spoken.

    1. You are right, but you also risk that the whole site goes under and you get nothing furthermore. Still… you know, you are right (Simple answer is to not buy it). I feel like if this was a better scene their argument could be better, but this just feels like their typical update reduced to one a week from the 3 we use to get pre-pandemic..

  3. I usually don’t say anything, but I do want to comment on the quality of the porn shown here.. I’m kinda put off by the fact that it’s obvious the 2 guys fucking around the truck were supposed to be doing something else scene wise. By this I mean you can see that the top was supposed to be all decked out a a leather cowboy, and seemingly at the last moment, they decided to make the bottom wear the chaps. This makes both look odd and makes the scene confusing.. sure we know who’s fucking who, but the scene would be much hotter if they would have let the leather cowboy be a leather cowboy…

    Anyways, it’s attention to detail that gets my money.. if you want me to pay, stop being generic and having every model be a carbon copy of what was done in the last 10 years.. variety is the spice of life.

  4. Forget Sean Cody its dead and buried, when the original owner Sean sold it. Mind Geek are silly as they could have kept the original concept but chose not to and then deleted 1600 films of the site and made it streaming only. Just dont subscribe a it will fold and tough. They need to contact the old owner and get his old recruiters back and shoot some decent bloody porn. Thankfully I have my old collection to look back on.

  5. unfortunately, as long as OF performers charge 10$+ for poorly shot collab, the likes of Sean Cody will remain competitive, as they do offer an actual catalogue that remains impressive even without the gorgeous films shot in its golden years (the ones that disappeared overnight and rightly alienated all of us). So yes, while SC sucks big time, and so does Men, because regardless of the number of their updates, their quality is subpar in comparison with the past, but the fault does lie with the overpricing of the free market greedy OF performers. They changed the game forever, and not in a good way. CF and NextDoor, in my opinion, keep holding their own, but the MindGeek sites are really a travesty these days

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