6 thoughts on “Jax is back at Corbin Fisher

  1. Whether or not he is your taste (I could do without odd hair coloring), Jax is a really solid performer in his scenes, imo. His cock is always bricked out, he’s verbal, knows how to plow, and he manages chemistry with all of his scene partners.

    1. We must not have been the watching the same scene as Jax was awful and there is no chemistry which is shame. He need to take it in the ass!

  2. Well, he certainly looks better than he did! In 2020 he looked old and gnarled, but he looks healthy, sexy and I just hope he’s not a flat lay and nothing but yet another uninteresting top.

  3. Not impressed with Jax’s performance at all, as it is lacking and he does nothing to bring any energy to the scene. What waste of Chris who has to work over time. Nah mate this is not on. Do better Jax and take it in the ass. All this topping is making you lazy. What is going on with Corbin Fisher and their directors it really disappointing!

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