8 thoughts on “Lance of Corbin Fisher (aka Payton of The Guy Site)

  1. Damn, he looks rough and I’m not even talking about his body (I don’t mind a beefy and meaty figure), it’s the hairdo. Absolutely criminal.

  2. Saw the first pics of him as Peyton on TGS and thought “oh, hunky”.

    Then I scrolled down and saw the last and was like “ugh! Vin Rox”.

  3. Wow, many of us gain weight, however, we don’t work in porn. If you are getting paid I would think a gym membership is something that needs to be used. I do hope he get a little work exercise and comes back again, he’s always been a handsome guy.

  4. The clean shaven look doesn’t quite work for him, but loving the beefy dad bid. I do hope he stays on as a regular. Hopefully bottoms, too

  5. He’s fine, however, prefer him more with a beard. He’s a handsome guy with a big build. A few extra pounds or a bad hair day isn’t a problem.

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