7 thoughts on “Langley Gold as the latest bottom for the site owner

  1. I really like when a studly top guy occasionally bottoms (Sir Peter, Vadim Romanov), but only when it happens occasionally. When a confirmed top starts bottoming all the time, there’s just a loss of some of the top-luster.

  2. IDK, first he’s with Rob who’s 62 years old at MC and now Clay at RB. Is there such a thing as a gay grandpa fetish or does he need to only have gay sex with senior citizens to fortify his straightness or is there something else?

    1. IMO Langley is straight so there is no difference to him whether he’s having sex with old and or out of shape guys or young studs. None of them are sexually attractive to him. The only thing attractive to him is the pay check.

      1. Now he’s on The Guy Site topping Vin Roxx who’s at least a little younger. Hopefully working down towards guys his own age.

  3. It’s just the gateway, 3 months from now he will be in straight porn and will act like he never did gay movies…just like Cole Church

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