13 thoughts on “Nate Grimes, Lukas Daken or Dean Young?

  1. These dudes need to quit with this gape fetish. Those farts are gonna start coming out like whistles. All jokes aside, this is dangerous and could cause some significant damage.

  2. omg those ass holes appear to have been stretched way way past the point of no return. They may even need to wear diapers for the rest of their lives or maybe they can have surgery, if there is one.

  3. This is so stupid. If I wanted a pussy I would be straight. Gay men are a mess. As you grew older you won’t be able to control your bowels.

  4. In all seriousness, I do not know who finds it “sexy” to look at a gaping hole or an ass that’s just blown out. When I look thru the porn it always kills a boner when this happens. But like everything… I am sure its a matter of “to each his own” but yes, please warn a guy first.

  5. WHEN did blasted assholes become sexy or inviting? They look like something you’d see on a documentary about repairing horrific injuries!

  6. Nate does indeed look cute. Lukas needs some more dick in that pussy. Dean’s hole has never looked better!

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