Reign [movies] was introduced in 2021 as an exclusive model of Falcon Studios and their sister sites (e.g. Raging Stallion & Naked Sword). And, he was your favorite amongst the exclusive models of Falcon Studios.

All his scenes had him as the top. He did bottom for his fan site to Rhyheim Shabazz.

His OnlyFans wasn’t enough to sustain him financially to make it a full time job. He is giving it up over his other job and social life.

7 thoughts on “Reign is done with OnlyFans

  1. Good for him and he can concentrate on his job. Is he going to work for Falcon et al then?

  2. I noticed you made a comment he bottomed for Rhyheim Shabazz however he also did an only fans with Colby Melvin and Xavier where they supposedly flipped with him although I haven’t seen it as is an additional content on their OF page.

  3. Reign is a very handsome man but (I’m sorry for saying this) boring as top. Most scenes he’s not hard enough, so I’ve started to thinking he would rather be bottom. But then there was the debut with Rhyheim… very disappointed. So I hope the best for his mental healing…

  4. He appears to have been paired with some amazing men. But I’ve never noticed him. I generally don’t focus on guys with that much ink.

  5. I guess I am in the minority bur I find this guy Reign boring.I can see the appeal white guys like Reign they like his average sized black cock. He doesn’t have a huge black cock though. Trent King can bottom & top and Trent has a bigger black cock. That’s what’s kind of sad there aren’t enough black models in gay porn with eight, nine, or the inch Black cocks. Reign also has a butter face. I don’t find him attractive and his performances are better. Is this guy even gay in real life or not? His performances lacked excitement for me. He’s just not a good performer like Adrian Hart, Andre Donovan, or Trent King.

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