4 thoughts on “Possible upcoming models at Gay Hoopla

  1. But how many of these will do more than a solo plus straight scenes? My bet is… None. I don’t know who they (still) trying to fool.

  2. You still cant apply to be a model for gayhoopla, only on hotguysfuck do they allow it. Which means either they applied for HGF and where convinced to do gayhoopla scenes as well, or they applied to shoot straight scenes and will be doing only solos for gayhoopla.

    I really dont understand why they dont allow people to apply to be gayhoopla models.

    1. As I sometimes speculate, given the ongoing discrimination against gay people, especially outside gay enclaves in New York City, West Hollywood and San Francisco, who among genuinely gay men would want to make their lives worse by performing what they normally do in private in public videos that will remain on the internet forever. Maybe gay men who are really out there and who have no family who will make their lives worse would consider porn. But most aren’t looking for the added grief that performing gay acts in public will bring.

  3. Didn’t a former model say they don’t require any std testing? That’s probably why they’re afraid to hire at Gayhoopla. I was watching one of their behind the scenes videos out of curiosity and it was what I expected, which was a lot of goofing around. The guys laughing at being asked to do gay stuff even though they’re in the gay porn industry and have gone beyond kissing. The cameraman chuckles after asking guys to kiss. There’s so much awkward, subtle homophobia. It’s very bro, very fratboy. Very LAME.

    I can see why former openly gay models say they didn’t enjoy working with gayhoopla. You can tell that it’s the type of environment that is not welcoming to openly gay models even though they say it is. If I were gay, I wouldn’t want to be on set with a whole bunch of “straight” men pretending to be gay while expressing that they hate the work they do and don’t respect the lifestyle through shady remarks.

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