Vikko Vigo, Calvin Russe & Jonathan Tylor

Vikko Vigo (34, 5’7″, 7.5″, bottom) with his first scene at Fucker Mate as the bottom to the 9″ cock of Franklin Acevedo.

Calvin Russe (24, 6’3″, 210 lbs., 6″) with his first scene at Gay Hoopla as the bottom to the 8″ cock of Micky Mallato.

Jonathan Tylor with his first scene at Active Duty as the bottom to Kyler Drayke.


  1. andrew

    My current porn crush is the macho Micky Mallato man.

    • OldFatGuy

      But he still needs a sugar daddy to pay for the orthodontic treatments he needs. Its so sad since he’s clearly embarrassed by the condition of his teeth.

  2. Isrchu

    Vikko Vigo – a short, gym-defined, good looking young man with a nice cock! Great smile, just enough hair, and an accommodating hole. He’s gonna be fun to watch!

  3. OldFatGuy

    GH is messing with the numbers again; they claim Mickey is only an inch shorter than Calvin but clearly the difference is far greater. And there’s no way Calvin only weighs 2 pounds more than Mickey.

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