Aaron Lennox, Dom King, Daley Anholt & Eddie Nunson

Aaron Lennox (21, 6’3″, 165 lbs., 7.5″) with his first scene at Broke Straight Boys with Justin Case as his top “Dating girls in high school, he was a normal straight teen – watching lesbian porn. He’s never sucked dick, and never even been jerked off or sucked by a guy. His first=ever Gay 4 Pay match-up is with sexy Justin, and he was extremely nervous.

✅ Aaron was hard from start to finish. And he shot his load while getting fucked by Justin. 

❌ No kissing.

Dom King with his first scene at Men with Matthew Cooper as his bottom.

❌ Dom did not suck Matthew’s cock.

Daley Anholt (gay, 22, 6’5″, 190 lbs., 7″ uncut), who does live cam shows, with his first scene at Fresh Men with Kian O’Connor as his top.

✅ Daley’s fantasies in his Flirt 4 Free profilegangbang, big man, rough, BDMS, daddy boy, military, publick, big dick, versatile, mature, bear, sport man“.

Eddie Nunson (bisexual, 35, 5’10”, 171 lbs., 7.09″) with his cherry busting scene at William Higgins with Peto Mohac as his top.

✅ Eddie kissed, rimmed & sucked cock.

✅ Eddie sucked his cock while he was fucked by Peto.

✅ Peto shot his load on the mouth of Eddie.

9 thoughts on “Aaron Lennox, Dom King, Daley Anholt & Eddie Nunson

  1. Is it just me or are the new up and coming porn stars of today totally and utterly uninteresting? They all look the same. Most of them aren’t even what I’d consider good looking. Infested with tattoos, piercings, weird haircuts. I was a very small kid back in the 90s, but at least men of that era were what we would deem as “heartthrobs”, “hunks”, “studs”. No more Pavel Novotony or Lukas Ridgeston. Seems like those days are long gone.

    1. Yes you right they not attractive at all. Gone are the days of when I watch porn in the 80’s and there were some hot men Tom Brock, Matt Ramsey (aka Peter North etc) and 90’s Tom Chase, Mike Branson etc. Now they are what I call unattractive ,and dont turn me on at all. Like Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher used to have hot men but now they plain Jim’s. Personally I think men in general are not attractive any more!

  2. BSB casually declaring to their mostly gay audience that being straight, watching lesbian porn and having never sucked a dick, jo or kissed a guy is being a normal teenager

  3. Daley Anholt is hot, and I want to see him in more scenes. He took Kian O’Connor’s big dick well and gave a good performance. I’m not into Eddie Nunson, but he brought out the best in Peto Mohac. That was a good fuck.

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