Austin Wolf almost fucked Reno Gold

The scene description from Reno GoldAustin Wolf had me over to his place and we hooked up with a 360-camera view of me sucking his dick getting my ass ate and almost fucking. I came in my own face before Austin finished on my ass.

12 thoughts on “Austin Wolf almost fucked Reno Gold

  1. I am so galactically over both of these one dimensional performers who have seriously over stayed their 15 minutes.

  2. I mean Carlos Effort’s body isn’t as on point as Reno’s but if there’s was even a CHANCE I was interested in the fifth rate efforts of a tediously uninteresting breeder boy trying to make bank by pretending to gay sex, at least I could think there’s some chance of actual penetration (although thinking about it now it’s amusing that Carlos awful video with the gay but tiresome Austin featured tons of shots that look more like frottage than actual penetrative sex!)

  3. WOW… RENO “Almost got fucked” on film…
    Well, good thing I Only “Almost” paid $
    Stop the Insanity !

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