Christian Wilde, JC & Liam of Sean Cody, Paddy O’Brian and Belami Online

Christian Wilde declared his love for his wife of 11 years to 66 more years to come. It was followed 2 hours later of him getting a blowjob from Quin Quire on the set of Kink Men.

JC & Liam of Sean Cody are indeed lovers. I thought their scene with Lan was just a made-up scenario. The two own a Twitter account devoted to their love & fan content.

Paddy O’Brian [movies] with his first bareback scene with Dean Young as his bottom via his fan site. [h/t Ben & Michael]

Belami Online to introduce Team Wolves via their live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free [room] from September 18 to 21. They should convince these guys to film a gay scene. The studio needs fresh faces from time to time.

7 thoughts on “Christian Wilde, JC & Liam of Sean Cody, Paddy O’Brian and Belami Online

  1. Christian Wilde reminds me of one of those seedy meth heads that dwell on crowded city street corners, begging for their next fix. Yuck. I need to brush my teeth, floss, and gargle Listerine whenever I see him.

  2. I am really not interested in seeing ‘Gay For Pay Men’ with their Wives/Girlfriends as it just pisses me off, enough already with this hetero hero worshipping. Just fuck other men on camera and keep your boring Hetero lives to yourself thanks.

    Gay couple branding I am ok with and good luck to them.

    Re Paddy O Brien how sad his career has nose dived as he was a little hottie back in the day!

  3. Dean Young can do no wrong. The guy on the far right of the Bel Ami wolves in the pics above needs a big dick up his ass.

  4. Did it ever occur to people these men are bisexual? Or bi curious? Reese Rideout who is married to woman said he isn’t straight. He also said of course he is sexually attracted to other men. Reese said any man who works in gay porn isn’t heterosexual. The gay for pay label is ridiculous and homophobic. It makes assumption a man can’t work in gay porn for sexual pleasure. Only fans & Just4fans exists no man NEEDS TO work in gay porn unless he wants to. No one forces a guy to fuck another man up the ass or suck another man dick. It is sad that gay men and gay porn place binary labels on other men. Sexuality isn’t black or white.

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