Diego Daniels & Papi Kocic

Last June, Next Door Studios shared a photo of Manny of Sean Cody as Diego Daniels with Jayden Marcos that marked the departure of Manny from Sean Cody. That scene will not be the first one released. It will be Diego’s scene with Scott Finn in two weeks.

Scott Finn just had something extremely embarrassing happen: he had a wet dream about his roommate, Diego Daniels! However, when Diego finds out, things take an unexpected twist that’ll only make Scott and Diego bond even more.

Papi Kocic, who won in the weekly poll but lost to JJ George in the monthly poll as your favorite model, is up next at Men with Sean Weiss as his bottom.

Horny bottom Sean Weiss has tried everything to get his husband, Jota Palma, to fuck him, so now it’s time to take drastic measures! He’s invited bad-boy top Papi Kocic over to pound him, and gives Jota two choices: watch or leave. At first Jota peeks through his fingers as his husband sucks Papi’s cock and gets drilled, but soon he’s sneaking closer to try and rim Sean and lick his feet as the dominant top has his way with him! Sean taunts the cuck as he rides Papi, but only has eyes for the top as he orgasms in missionary, then takes a spurting facial. The cuck is on his own!

10 thoughts on “Diego Daniels & Papi Kocic

    1. Very hot…but also very one dimensional. I think you’ve seen all he’s ever going to give. No sucking, no getting fucked…he’ll switch to straight before he goes “too gay”.

      1. One dimensional? Apparently you haven’t seen his videos lately he’s sucking dick eating ass is making out clearly he’s into it and he states that he’s bisexual he’s not G4P he states he’s bisexual and yes bisexual exist more than anyone thinks.

  1. Papi Kocic is a handsome man but I don’t understand what Men.com trying to say? This man fucks other men up the ass gets his dick polished by other dudes. It is weird like William Seed he won’t suck another man dick on camera but he loves getting fucked by other men. Why have these barriers in gay porn? You either go all the way or get the fuck out.

  2. Ms Daniels needs to stop with the steroids; swollen nipples and skinny legs is not the combo you want and it looks garbage.

  3. Papi Kocic is hot, but there’s something about him that leaves much to be desired, I feel. Considering how upfront and in your face porn stars are now about being G4P, I do believe he is bisexual. He could just as well go along with that new trend of “I only do this for the money”, but he’s not. Still I feel like there’s some disconnect. Just curious. What is his ethnic background? Serbian, Croatian, what?

    1. He is born in Australia, parents as well, but has Serbian from his fathers side. You can actually learn a lot from him through his social media and especially his OF page

  4. Never like Diego Daniels performances on Sean Cody or since then. He does nothing for me and try’s to hard. I felt he should not have appeared on that former site personally!

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