Eli, who is currently in 2nd place as your favorite newbie for August, with his first gay scene at Corbin Fisher as the top to Chris.

Thomas Johnson, who won as your favorite newbie last week, with his first gay scene at Sean Cody as the bottom to Jaxon Kingston.

Brody Fox, who had homemade scenes released at Raw Fuck Club, with his debut scene at Pride Studios [gallery] in a flip fuck with his “stepfather” Killian Knox.

7 thoughts on “Eli, Thomas Johnson & Brody Fox

  1. ELI and CHRIS looks like a winner over at CF.
    I really like watching Chris bottom. You can tell he really likes cock, not much acting going on.

    1. Their pubes are outstanding…almost as hot as Masyn Thorne’s and Colby Chambers. Do not trim, please!

  2. I like this scene a lot! It has really good energy and Eli is good addition to Corbin Fisher in order to to mix thing it up a bit, as it was getting to be the usual cycle of the site over using its models. Chris bless him, cant suck dick properly and Eli shows him how it needed to be done. Nice kissing whilst fucking which is a plus for me and he fucking was solid, and both cum shots was decent and Eli is alright performer.

    Chris had grown on me and I finally watch his first scene with a week ago and it was interesting to see, as his nerves showed all the way through this scene, re his inexperience with other men and being in front of the camera. I dont believe was an act as this was quite genuine. Then I compare that to his last 2 scenes and thought wow, he is a completely different person.

  3. Forgot to say SC with Thomas Johnson, and Jaxon Kingston looks good and this is on the right track, Come on Mind Geek sort it out and get those models hired and fucking to order pronto!

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