From Kink Men to Chaos Men for Alpha Wolfe

Alpha Wolfe first filmed with Ethan Sinns at Kink Men.

It was followed a day later with Jake Waters at Chaos Men.

Alpha is not new to Kink Men, but this is his first time for Chaos Men.

11 thoughts on “From Kink Men to Chaos Men for Alpha Wolfe

  1. It’s the look in “Alpha Wolfe” eyes that concerns me.. like there’s something missing.. hard pass for me as well..

  2. I thought KinkMen was dead? Let it stay dead, leaving the armory was a fatal blow. That, and the shitty directors that came after Darkholme.

  3. I agree Kinkmen is lacking. Try hiring performers who enjoy their kink and don’t just go through the motions and directors who aren’t just checking off boxes, got the oral, got the rim in etc. Have some vision and passion!

  4. There’s nothing shocking or sexy about sticking your fist or a traffic cone-sized dildo up someone’s ass. All of this is boring, pointless and stupid. And if fucking a trans woman is an attempt to portray it as some sort of freak show, then shame on them for perpetuating that stereotype. “alphawolf” and can go away.

  5. Isn’t it weird that most of the people who comment on this site actually hate porn? or actually sex in general? and are some of the most judg

    mental people on the planet? just bizarre for a porn site.

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