8 thoughts on “Guys Gone Bi & Corbin Coeds are back

  1. All of this content is still available on the main CF site under the ‘Coeds’ section & inlcuded in the ‘full
    subscription, as far as I can tell.

    1. It’s truly sad. Our representation as the G is squeezed out. Lesbians feel the exact same way.

  2. I agree.. it sends out the message that unless you’re bi, you’re really not part of the mainstream. No wonder people these days have a hard time self identifying.

    1. Especially since they want to convince people that identifying is wrong and that everyone needs to label themselves as fluid. Nowadays saying you’re gay and attracted to men and penis only is a crime. Porn reflects these same thing as of late. Every so called gay performer is now filmed engaging in some sort of bi, trans or str8 sex scene. I honestly feel like gay porn and porn stars are in a tragic downfall.

      1. That is so silly considering the default is already straight. So if you’re bisexual, you’re half way straight. Everything is centered around straight people. People come out as bi today or fluid but never been in same sex relationship and don’t seem interested in being in one.

        I am jaded at this point.

  3. A very boring website thinking coeds and bi is the way to go. No thanks. Gay Porn needs a moratorium or a reset with new studios insisting on Gay only Models and actual Gay Sex. No women as extras like in Men, no Trans Man, just Man on Man action.

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