Henrik Sommer shared his experience with a hacker, who uploaded underage content to his computer, that made him burn his computer and caused a rooftop fire

Henrik Sommer shared an article published two weeks ago about a rooftop fire on the building where he lives. According to Henik, he caused that fire. He burned his computer to protect himself from a neighbor, a supposed pedophile, who gained access to his computer and uploaded underage content.

Note: day/month/year in Europe while month/day/year in the US (English translation of the article).

He was arrested and held in the hospital.

17 thoughts on “Henrik Sommer shared his experience with a hacker, who uploaded underage content to his computer, that made him burn his computer and caused a rooftop fire

  1. I had a mate who started behaving erratic like this, he was deep in to a meth addiction. His psychosis has never lifted and he’s destroyed his life. Sadly it seems to be becoming more and more common among gay men.

  2. Just a guess: there was no hacker. If he started a fire, he may be going away for some time, either in a mental facility or prison. Hopefully, he can get away from whatever drugs he is taking, and is in denial about.

  3. I’ve always liked him, and yeah there’s a language barrier that may be stopping some parts of this story from coming across as clearly as they might. But… this sounds all kinds of weird and confusing and wtf.

  4. I mean, you can give a benefit of a doubt. These guys do interact and mess with people online that have the ability to really mess up your life if they feel scorned or entitled in some way. But the other reasons can’t be left out either.

  5. Ok… Let’s unpack this .

    1). There is a language barrier, but if he’s trying to use photos to paint a picture, he really missed the mark..

    2). What the hell did he used to start that fire on the roof??? I mean unless it was gasoline and a match, a laptop shouldn’t have caused that much destruction. Even if the lithium batteries did catch, he would have needed an accelerant to start this.

    3). When someone says they enjoy being in a psychotic episode, that not a red flag, that’s a full on Red Alert. And if their trying to pump you full of anti psychotics, there’s a reason for it..

    4). Overall, this story is most likely a meth based tale, as some others on here have pointed out. The paranoia, alertness, psychotic break and “Did I do that?” attitude all fit the pattern of using meth.

    I really hope he receives the help he needs, but the first step is accepting that help, and I don’t think that’s going to happen here..

  6. If you go to his twitter and read his tweets after what’s posted here, he pretty much admits to
    – escorting in Berlin
    – taking meth several times ( along with other various drugs)
    – blames the “clients” for giving him this stuff
    – complains that the hotel he’s now staying is isn’t gay friendly due to the way he’s been acting..

    Dude, stop running… Take a deep breath and get yourself the help you need .

  7. This guy brings back memories of my ex best friend, who after getting HIV, didn’t handle it well.. He basically started dating male escorts in-order to score meth. I lost contact with him when he moved from Montreal to Toronto about a decade ago..

  8. Whenever I hear “I was hacked”, I immediately start thinking “paranoid schizophrenic”. Not to say people don’t get hacked and have had some experiences with nefarious individuals. but… I’ve dealt with too many people who were suffering from mental illness to justify the reasoning. I hope Henrik gets his life sorted. Whatever the issues he may or may not be dealing with.

  9. “I burned my computer and ran naked for hours through town to get away from the police. Then posted pics of my cock and weight bench on Twitter.”

    What are the odds… That’s exactly what I did yesterday also!

    This guy needs help, methinks.

  10. β€œI had been up for 4 days when I fled”
    Gee- I can’t imagine what you were doing that caused that.

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