Henrik Sommer “so i took crystal meth several times without knowing what my clients had given me.”


Henrik Sommers got in trouble with the police and his life back in Berlin as an escort.


Theo Brady pissed off at one of his followers for the now deleted comment about his body.




  1. TheBitchIsBack!

    Ok.. here we go…

    Larkin Magnus: Not everyone has the choice to do sexwork. And not everyone makes the big bucks from it. Just be lucky YOU did.

    David BenjaminX: Work out at night then..

    Ethan O’Pry: No, you can keep em on thnx

    Theo Brady: I hate to point this out, but you’re in an industry where sex and beauty sells, and where it’s also held to impossible levels. Self image problems are all too common. And the critiques are even worse .

    Xavier Zane: Right on the Pope’s nose with that one..

    Conner Habib: You wrote a novel??

    Ricky Larken: Well I just looked up the term “Gun nut” in the dictionary and look who’s pic popped up..

    Ashton Silvers: You just reminded me of the cut bathroom scene from Carey.

    • Dom50

      Looks like someone is working on their tight 10mins for open mic night.

      Keep working on it.

  2. Stan

    I think Larkin Magnus real problem is with academia itself if you read the whole exhange.. I mean congratulations on your accomplishments, but I know a doctor who escorted to get through med school, and he told me no one can do that kind of work and not end up being scarred from it in some way. My friend
    (who is Bi) has self image and intimacy issues stemming from this, which has led to him being married and divorced twice.

  3. Jay

    Another performer with a crystal meth problem. Shocker.

  4. Brad

    I’ve been out of 30 years now and everytime I look a tweets like this, I question my place in gay society..

    • Res1

      You are not alone. I have become a hermit. Society is so hard to deal with. It’s like normal gay men do not exist anymore. It’s like so many have bought into gay being a personality trait.

  5. Andy

    That’s interesting and kind of sad. The guy who dropped out of a doctorate program to become a sex worker. But he says a lot of pressure in academic sphere. Maybe he couldn’t handle the work. I heard doctorate programs are intense.

  6. Ted

    Ricky’s got to be a little more safe with his money maker there…

  7. Jr

    Ricky doesn’t need a gun for protection. That busted up face and MAGA-ism is enough to scare everyone away

  8. Ron

    Henrik Sommers – I hope you get the help you obviously need.

    Leo – deal with it, people are not always going to be saying wonderful things about you. Plus, why do you care what strangers think? If you don’t want to take the good with the bad get off social media.

    Larkin Magnus – I’ve never even heard of you!

  9. Pavel Ford

    Theo Brady – I am sorry people are fucking with you. I always like the energy you bring to any scene.
    IF anyone has not looked at the scene where Theo fucks Vincent O Reilly – you need to get it now. This might be the hottest topping I have ever watched.
    Theo fucks the daylights out of Vincent ( loud popping sounds included ) and he loves every minute.

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