It’s final. Fraternity X is only known as Frat X while Breeder Bros will be redirected to Frat X.

No more Breeder Bros.

Fraternity X was renamed to Frat X due to their billing issue with Mastercard. Owners of Fraternity X created their own affiliate program and called Frat X as Breeders Bros.

The first Frat X from its original affiliate program (Male Revenue) has been officially transferred to its new affiliate program (Dark Hall).

3 thoughts on “No more Breeder Bros

  1. All the videos look the same. So… whatever.

    If they already have a sub to Frat X, BreederBros members should get a couple of months free because the site merged into the former.

  2. Honestly it all depends on who’s the bottom. I’ve seen some interesting bottoms there; Jay Tee, Gauge, and Mickey that ginger fuck.

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