1. Ben

    Isn’t that false advertising then?

  2. Reg

    Ah, that’s an old and cheap trick. You see the preview photos of say a strict top with a dick against his hole, but in the video…nothing even remotely like that. It’s click baiting.

  3. Ty Huber

    Many sites shoot high-def stills separately from the action video. I like ’em and understand that there may be inconsistencies between the stills and the video. In this Cockyboys example, though, the “sucking while fucking” moment might be of huge interest to viewers who would understandably feel duped if they subscribed and found it didn’t happen in the scene.

  4. ncbored

    I hadn’t looked at the stills but I did notice while watching the video that Sean did very little sucking.

  5. Ted

    I hate it when studios do this

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