9 thoughts on “Oktoberfest with Malik Delgaty & Gabriel Clark

  1. Years ago, I was Vegas with a friend of a friend who had worked with Colby Jansen on set . I was a big fan of Colby’s until my friend told me that he’s like the Mikey kid from the Life cereal commercial back in the 80’s.. He’ll eat anything.

    This reminds me of this…

  2. Why do people give Malik any attention? The man is mechanical and boring. Watching wet paint dry will give you more sexual desire than watching him.

  3. Aren’t there any construction jobs available where Malik is? They could always use a few more dumb jocks to expand infrastructure. Then again, having uninspiring sex pays more, sadly.

  4. Is it my imagination or the haircut, Malik looks much thinner around the neck and face. Maybe he’s lost weight but he looks worse than before.

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