9 thoughts on “Owner of Beefcake Hunter fucked for the 11th time by Justin

  1. I love seeing the owner of Beefcake Hunter getting fucked by these “Real Dudes.” No KimK mimics here.

  2. Listen at this point he needs to admit he is at least bi and give out his Jack’d name cause baybay the loads I’d take.

  3. I used to love this site, but I cant be polite about that fug owner, as he just annoys me with all of his simpering and creepy ways around all of the hot blokes. Cory is so cute but he cant keep a hard on bless him, which is not surprising with that! Also Evan is so hot and his cum shots are amazing. Also Malik is Hot but he wont fuck him surprise surprise!

    Well as I have said on another blog, that the site owner Victor either recruits or collects these guy straight from Jail, Halfway houses or Probation. Or in places where the majority of these guys hang out. Or maybe he has some sort of contact within correctional services, but I get that vibe from all of the guys that he recruits. Hence why they are not to fussed at having sex with him as most dont have to look at him.

    1. There’s some agency that he recruits these guys from. I read on a blog thread that a lot of these guys advertise themselves on this model recruiting site. The thing is that a-lot of them fall under the exact description you listed which tells me that these guys are truly in need.

      Victor reminds me a lot of the guy who went to jail for sucking and fucking those guys under false pretenses. They both give off that creepy ass thing.

      There have been some truly sexy ass guys that have gone through the BCH site.

      1. Oh that interesting, what model recruiting site is that then? I agree with you last two statements as they must be desperate end of, as the guys are hot in rough masculine way and I just wish they would go to other websites to appear with more attractive male models, not this FUG Guy ‘Shudder’!

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