Guys over 30 years old at William Higgins

So far this year, there are 9 guys at William Higgins.

Yossi Sajer (42), Artyom Chyorny (32), Eli Zoubek (32), Tonda Hepner (30), Jiri Jesita (35), Dmitry Osten (38, 32 at Boy Fun), Eddie Nunson (35), Roland Kedus (34) & Misha Molotov (34).

6 thoughts on “Guys over 30 years old at William Higgins

  1. I like the Higgins guys but the older models adds dept to his site. The twinks are okay as long as they don’t try to look underage. I find that really distasteful.

  2. Just to add to my comment. Dimitri has one of the wickedest smiles in porn. I am drizzling. lol

    1. Misha Molotov also identified as gay in his erotic solo and immediatelyu got fucked by Radek Pozer in his first sex scene–Radek is Higgins’ go-to openly gay cum eating model but usually bottoms. Neither ate cum, though, disappointing.

  3. We have to recognize that these are perilous times in many economies all over the world. So we have to sympathize that there are many older men who have to turn to porn and the money it offers to survive.

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