6 thoughts on “6’3″ Alpha Wolfe as the bottom to the 5’9″ Daniel

  1. Is Daniel still claiming to be Straight 😂🤣😂! Do me a favour Straight Too Bed’ and I bet his is still yelling nonstop as per usual. That being said he is excellent versatile performer who needs to get back to Sean Cody pronto!

      1. Not a fan of Alpha, but I’m pretty sure he’s claimed to be bi. In fact, I think a lot of these guys are bi or at least have bicurious leanings. I’m starting to see through this whole G4P facade.

  2. I miss Daniel bottoming. He never did it a lot, but he did it well. He’s an absolutely voracious cock-sucker on his OnlyFans, but I’m not sure that he’s ever bottomed on there and now he’s back working with studios, they’ve only got him topping. The good thing I’ll say about Sean Cody, back in the day, was that they mixed things up with his scenes.

  3. Why does Daniel keep letting his scene partners get his cum by their mouth or straight to their butt hole lately? It make me bored.

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