A trans man as the latest newbie at Bentley Race

He is Oscar Winters and he is the first trans man at Bentley Race.

Oscar is super cute, and he’s the first trans boy I’ve ever shot with. Oscar is 26 years old and lives here in Melbourne. He’s already had a bit of experience shooting with guys and girls for his fans sites. He has quite a big following so I’m glad I was able to get him over to model for me. I was a bit nervous shooting with him at first since I didn’t know what to expect or what we would do. But it ended up being one of the must fun shoots of the year.


  1. Lamar

    Sorry, but there goes my dinner.

    • Ohno

      They shove this in gay porn sites. Please just make your own site and shove it there

  2. IDK

    Yay, more straight sex being shoved into gay porn sites!

    How riveting…

  3. Reg

    And still, the gay community is threatened with transphobia if we don’t want to see FTM or MTF porn on our websites. The straight websites are never asked to, but we are and we’re labelled bigots if we don’t want to pay for it.

    If I wanted to subscribe to a trans websites, then I would and I completely support those websites being there, but wholly gay websites should remain that way. Or, straight websites should have to do the exact same thing.

  4. James

    Trans folks exist, therefore this isn’t straight porn, and if anybody who is gay is anti-trans, they are no better than any anti-lgbtq+ fascist. Period.

    • IDK

      Yes, it is.

      PiV sex is straight sex, period.

      You sound as deluded as the LPSG queens who throw a hissy fit when “straight” pornstars refuse bottom/suck off MtFs.

      Also, you should inform yourself on what fascism actually is instead of using and abusing it as a buzzword to label people who disagree with you.

    • Alex W

      You’re an idiot, James. Nobody gives a shit if they identify as trans, nor do we care who they choose to sleep with, but don’t pass that sex off as gay sex when it is not, nor will it ever be. You don’t have to accept reality, but implying that the rest of us should walk in lockstep with your denial of reality is absurd on its face. You can fuck off with that shit.

  5. Cherrystick

    No safe spaces left eh… More and more we just become blurred out. Never really looked for Bentley Race, definitely won’t now.

  6. FieldMedic

    Some people forget that trans men are men. So you’re seeing a man on a gay man’s website. Just because he has a vagina doesn’t invalidate that fact. You may not want to see a vagina, and that’s fair, but don’t invalidate that truth with your own made-up beliefs about what a man is.

    • Billy

      I love and support trans people.

      But gay men like cocks, not vaginas. That’s what makes us, um, well, gay.

      Heterosexual men wouldn’t like this forced on them, why would gay men?

      Is there a place for trans adult performers? YES!!!!!!!!!!! OF COURSE!!!!!!

      Just not on sites for gay men. They should be on sites for men who are sexually aroused by trans people.

      Plainly, it feels wrong for this to be forced on men who don’t want it.

      • IDK

        The problem is that nobody cares about FtM porn, so they have to shove this shit into gay porn sites.

      • Dom50

        Well that’s not completely true. I would consider myself a gay man. I’m more of an ass man than into cock. I’ve dated and fucked couple of transmen. People are people. I’m not all the way on one side or the other. I’m just saying, like who you like, and when it comes to porn. Watch and beat off to what you like.

    • IDK

      “Made-up beliefs of what a man is”


      Do you need a mirror? I can send you one!

    • Progressive homophobia

      ‘Man’ is just a humanized synonym for male, and male humans don’t have vaginas.

      Why do you think virtually everyone on “gay men’s websites” are male with male sex organs? It is because people want to see males with male properties, not someone who simply identifies as a man. You’re just lying to yourself by conflating the two.

    • Alex W

      As long as you have a vagina between your legs, you’re not the kind of “man” I want to see in porn. I think it’s fair to say that collectively, the gay community has no issues with trans individuals, nor would we ever deny them the right to live the lives they so choose to live. This woke bullshit has got to stop when it comes to labeling us bigots for not wanting to have sex with or see trans people in porn.

    • Ohno

      Trans is not a man.

  7. Miguel

    Everyone crying just cause he’s trans lmao how about you don’t watch the scene if you don’t like it? That’s what I do, no need to invalidate him or throw a tantrum, y’all do exactly what homophobes do when they see gay people in media, you don’t have to like him just be respectful, bunch of old lonely weirdos

    • Avery

      Literally, if you don’t want to see it, then just scroll away, it’s not that hard, there are plenty of cis man on cis man scenes on there anyway, this is only one scene out of 1000+ scenes of regular gay porn scenes lol

  8. Gay PR Daddy

    This does not belong on a website catered to Gay Men. Penis in Vagina is straight sex. Trans Men are biological women. This is not cool, when straight sites start featuring trans people then maybe you can cover trans performers. This is no Man.

  9. Magnus

    Politically and socially I am 100% in solidarity with the trans community. However, when it comes to porn, it shouldn’t be assumed that it belongs alongside gay sex any more than straight sex does. The reality is, there isn’t enough of an audience for trans porn to succeed on its own. So it’s attempting to glom onto gay porn categories as some sort of fetish. For many gay men, it’s a total sexual turnoff just like any other non-gay scenes.

  10. Scudder

    If you don’t want to watch it, don’t watch it. Do you guys really not hear in your phobic responses the same voices from straight homophobes who react to gay characters on tv shows? Or to people of different races? Nothing I understand less than those who experience intolerance and bigotry firsthand are intolerant and bigoted themselves. Get out of your ghetto and witness the world.

    • IDK

      Your comparison here is, for lack of a better word, completely idiotic.

      You should be ashamed of yourself.

      First, we gay people never shamed nor coerced straight people into finding us attractive.

      Second, we never forced straight people to deny reality in order to accommodate us. Yes, not being able to have biological kids with our same-sex partners can be a blow for some, but we never tried to gaslight others into ignoring said fact.

      Third, and most important, we never tried to shove gay porn into straight porn sites. Also, there’s a huge difference between wishing for a gay character to be included on a mainstream show and demanding gay porn to be shoved on straight porn sites.

      The same goes for Black Rights Movements.

      Take your head off your ass and stop parroting talking points other people have made for you without any semblance of critical thinking.

      Transactivism is nothing like gay/black rights moments.

    • Magnus

      No phobia here. Also, no judgements on someone’s life decision. But simply put, this is a gay porn site and trans porn is not gay porn. It is piggybacking onto gay porn in an attempt to make it appear that it appeals to a wider consumer audience than it does. As long as gay men are (as usual) being used as a means of creating a commodity to line someone’s pockets, then we have a right to be critical about it.

  11. Pavel Ford

    Not attractive in the least. Not interested. ALL the PC stuff just doesn’t factor in…

  12. Nidaye

    Basically, a gay conversion therapy in the name of fighting transphobia.


    That is a woman with mental health issues, not a gay man.
    This is an act of homophobia, and the “gay” men who support this, are telling on themselves.

    • Cherrystick

      And they so called gay pornstars who are fucking them, are telling on themselves. Michael Boston, Boomer Banks are some of the first to come to mind.

  14. asis

    gay men like penises…what are we doing here

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