Barrett Long (39, 6’3″ 184 lbs., 11″) started in 2002 for All Worlds according to his AEBN profile [movies].

Barrett Long is a former serviceman who got his start shooting Dirk Yates videos for All Worlds… After Barrett’s exclusive contract ended he signed a semi-exclusive contract with Falcon, which lasted only a year… Barrett is most famous for his monster uncut cock, which measures 11 inches. Barrett considers himself to be straight and has also shot a handful of bisexual and straight features…

He has been retired for years. He does escort and his escort page was updated last Sunday (10/02/2022) that mentioned his need for bail money.

I need your help to bail out of Riverside county jail; I got arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest.

I’m looking for someone to help, and I will pay you and/reward you when I make bail.

I have money arranged for the bail, but since it is from out of state, a California resident is required to co-signer.

Barrett included his real name in his escort page. If you do a search for that name, don’t confuse him with a Steven Barrett, who also has an arrest record.

14 thoughts on “Barrett Long needs bail money

  1. I had a strange crush on him back in the day. He was among the straightest gay-for-pay of his generation – rarely touched his scene partners and seemed to struggle with keeping his elephant trunk hard. But something about his clear discomfort in scenes made him oddly charming to me. Sad to see that he’s still struggling to find his footing in the world with more than his footlong.

  2. The murder charge was against a 55 year old with a similar name but not the same last name. One of those “rap sheet”/”mug shot” sites mistakenly added the murder charge. Our Barrett was in jail on a probation violation when the 55 y/o guy killed his mother. Confusing matters further, Barrett’s probation violation included disobeying a protective order involving his mother. But Barrett was not accused of murder.

  3. Why does his request sound like the “I am the wife of the disgraced ex-president of (insert country), who escaped from the country with the treasury, which I am willing to share with you if you will allow me to transfer it to your account”?

  4. How could he update his escort page if he was in lockup? Sad, yet another porn guy in trouble with the law…shocking 🙁

    1. He could have called a friend from jail and gave them his password so they could login and update his escort profile for him.

  5. I don’t care what you guys think of Barrett. I still love that big dick straight boy. When he started gay porn he was a cock loving bottom but I think the handlers made him top because of his big cock. Too bad. He was a good bottom. The smile on that cute face when he sucked was intoxicating.
    I was thinking about him a couple of days ago and here he is. Take care Barrett.

  6. With that cock and his huge projectile cum shots, he could have been a superstar in gay porn if he’d shown any interest in actually having sex. Instead, he was a poured-out lump of dead flesh, not bothering to hid his listlessness, boredom and disdain for his scene partners.

    It’s a fool’s errand trying to pick his worst work, but his Active Duty scenes were some of the worst I’ve ever seen. I might be wrong, but I think he did a scene with those twins, Bryan and Ryan, where he could not have shown more contempt. Just laying back and being serviced doesn’t do it for me, and Barrett Long was a master of that.

    There was some amateur stuff he shot with Jason Crew, a road trip to Las Vegas, where he actually seemed into Jason, sucking his dick and talking about trying to get fucked by him one night when they got home from the bars. Low bar to be sure, but that was the best thing I ever saw him in because he was mildly energized.

    I cannot imagine how bad of an escort he is. He also has a LinkedIn page with six contacts that says he’s the president of Long Media.

  7. I always wondered what became of Barrett. None of this surprises me. Energetically he reminds me of Pierce Paris. That whole, “I’m only doing this for the money and I’d rather be somewhere else” kind of vibe. I saw him do an interview on Howard Stern a few years ago and remember him throwing the gay community under the bus. He clarified and reiterated how straight he is and that he was only doing this for the money.. Blah blah blah. That’s why I find it weird that on his profile page above, he’s listed as being “bisexual”. Rightio.

  8. Escorting with that magnificent dick you’d think Barrett would be a millionaire by now.
    Specially in CA where 99% of the gay population are total bottoms.

  9. Strange. If you follow the article’s link to Mr. Long’s escort page now–scarcely a month later–a DELETED PROFILE message is all you get. Does this mean he managed to deincarcerate himself? I really hope so. That dick and the dude it’s attached to deserve to live free.

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