Davin Strong “One of the most jolting things about starting to have sex with men is how hard their bodies can be and how different the shapes are.”

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Vander Pulaski loves the outdoors.

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Tayte Hanson on Hatler Gurius.

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Gino Zanetti “… im so grateful to have to opportunity to make money this way but sexualizing myself has a limit and its gotten to a point where a lot of my followers and strangers dehumanize me…”

You can’t say you are a porn ⭐ on Instagram.

23 thoughts on “Davin Strong “One of the most jolting things about starting to have sex with men is how hard their bodies can be and how different the shapes are.”

  1. Are there any porn stars out there with Twitter feeds that don’t look like a dumpster fire in the middle of a minefield, surrounded by a shit storm?

    I’m actually being serious here..

    1. Plenty, but only the messy ones are posted here because they’re more entertaining than some guy gushing about their dog or the burger they just ate. You know this already.

  2. Hoss Kado no comment. Gino Zanetti hope he understands it’s just the nature of the business. But he’ll probably stay and continue, just like the rest. If he really feels bad, then he should exit porn for the sake of his mental health and development into full adulthood. Because porn and the people in it aren’t exactly the best people to develop around.

  3. ” The apple does not fall away from the tree “. What a fucked up family must be that of Trent Atkins. Kinda a ‘human pigsty’ for sure.

  4. I don’t ge the Johnny Rapid’s tweet and why is it trying to sound like a sassy black woman?

    1. The stupid thing about that is, if you don’t want to be reminded, delete the photo so it can’t come up and remind you.

  5. I don’t find Davin Strong attractive, but I appreciate what he said. It’s nice to know he’s open to loving all kinds of people and doesn’t appear to have any big complex about it.

    1. Hatler you can shut the fuck up. Your ugly tatted ass doesn’t even do gay studio porn, all you’ve done is bi/trans and have been a dumb cuck str8, you’ve got no room to talk.

  6. I’ve always been a fan of Cole Connor, however, I find it strange that he is asking for money now. I feel bad for what happened, however, I’ve see him in so many videos he has to have money somewhere or is spending it quickly. While people can do what they want, porn is hard as a FT job, that’s why there are many other options.

    Sean – just dance for yourself & have fun! It doesn’t matter what others think 🙂

    Greg Riley – sexy before and after!

    Blue – always seems to be finding the positive side of life. Just wish he would go back to studio porn!

    Gino – seems like you need to grow a bit and not put so much stock in porn. Remember you are selling sex/body/image… your fans are going to want to see different things. You are young… go to college and get an education, if you still want to do porn do it but don’t expect it to be all roses all the time…. that’s called life.

    Hatler – I wouldn’t want you even if you were free!

    Pierce – maybe that’s a sign you should leave porn (we can at least hope).

    Lane – such a cute guy, sorry about the break-up. However, it is hard to date a guy that is paid to sleep with other guys. However, your three-way videos are hot. I’m sure you will be just fine.

    Hoss – I’m a fan of ink & your body… but what are you doing now?

    1. I give Cole Conner a benefit of a doubt since this is his only time, and it’s actually for something significant. Medical bills are expensive in America. Even if he did save up it could not be enough. From the photos he had to stay overnight at the hospital maybe more. That alone is 10k min right there.

  7. I feel like anyone that calls themselves queer and uses the word as a descriptor Is hella annoying and unpleasant. What I see is a movement that has nothing to do with LGBT people; trying to costantly redefine words and boundaries is not healthy and it’s no wonder these people look like something’s missing in their head, you can always tell with the way they talk and look at you.

    1. Why do you care so much? Does it make you feel uncertain about your own sexuality or something?

      Personally, I don’t care, but am responding because it sounds like the anti-trans, anti-bi propaganda that is trying to break up the LGBTQ community and make it politically weaker. I have no interest in going back to the days I’ve heard about of stupid handkerchief and earring rules, nor glory holes or being jailed for loving who I love, so yes, I am pretty agressive to being against that sort of mentality. Our community has spent its entire existence telling straight people to mind their own business about other people’s love lives, let’s not turn into gaping hypocrites, especially not freaking right now when our rights are in danger.

      1. I myself find the term queer very unsettling. I was attacked and hurt when I was a teenager and was called queer not as endearment but as insult. Nowadays only being in my early 30s. that term brings up anguish. Hating a term doesn’t mean that I don’t have love or respect for lesbians, fellow gays, bisexuals or trans people. Hell my sister is trans and I’ll cut a bitch over her.

        Just because he said he doesn’t like the term queer, doesn’t label him as someone who is transphobic or biphobic. In fact the very act of calling someone phobic because they don’t agree with you or because they don’t like an in fact term that for years has been used as a derogatory slur is indeed what aids in breaking up the community.

      2. Sorry to break this to you, but the whole notion of an united “LGBTQ+ community” is a very recent fabrication with little to no basis in actual history.

        I know that sometimes learning that the Easter Bunny or the Santa Claus were never real to begin with can be quite shocking and traumatizing, but that’s just how things are.

        One last thing: the gay rights movement existed way before Stonewall was even was a thing and most of the things propagated about the riots are nothing but lies and half-truths.

        Just a fun fact.

      3. First of all, I’ll comment and post whatever the fuck I want so, don’t give a fuck.

        Second, spare me this lame savior pep talk. This infantilised bullshit about “sticking together” is what led us to this point. Avoiding gatekeeping has allowed people with a strong personality disorder to call themselves LGBT even though they have no idea what it is about nor they experience same sex attraction/genuine gender-sex dysphoria. Fuck queer people, fuck queer theory, now go to bed

    1. No one ever said you had to be a genius to take your dick out, lol (but it is always disappointing to see a pornstar you like say something dangerously ignorant… I am not a David Skylar fan in terms of what he looks like, but I can still relate from other porn stars I like with consistent bad takes)

  8. I’m liking this Lionel Lilac guy. He’s relatively new, isn’t he? My only bit of advice to him would be to keep his hair short. When it’s longer, he’s reminding me too much of Kevin Sorbo and that’s a BIG turn off.

  9. Let me start by saying how attractive I find Cole. He has a sexy smile and beautiful body, plus, he is a fun versatile performer. I think he is a great porn performer.

    What I don’t understand about him or other adult performers is how they are quick to say that they need privacy and fans should understand this issue when it comes to their private lives. However, when they want money the story changes to how important their fans are and they need their help. It is just a hustle to get more money.

    Based on his story, I do feel horrible for him and anyone that is unjustly attacked. However, we all have ups and downs, especially with money, healthy, etc. But to ask random strangers to cover your costs just doesn’t sit well with me. Asking family, friends, or even his content colleagues would seem more appropriate.

    In addition, I would have no idea if Cole has a job outside of porn, however, if he doesn’t, he should look into that option or a second job if needed. Porn is awesome to watch and I bet it can be a fun lifestyle (to a point). However, real-world challenges are going to happen, therefore, it is essential to be prepared and not think that porn/escorting will always pay the bills.

  10. Have always found Davin Strong to be fascinatingly entertaining even though he’s not my porn type. Unique dude.

  11. Rob Knocks OF is bad. Infrequent posts and poorly taken photos. A shame because he is so Hot!

    I’m a big fan of Tom Faulk, I’m glad he’ll be out soon. I get hard every time I think about his gang bang at FraternityX.

  12. What is Davin on about?

    “I occupy my self by fertilizing NB/Trans Masc eggs and the prostates of trans women”

    “Like up to be bred by the glandular goddess king of gothic muscle”

    “goddess worshiping darkmagic”

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