First scene of Zane of Corbin Fisher as Logan Aarons

It was in 2014 that Zane was introduced by Corbin Fisher.

On the same year, Gay Room released his first scene as Ace Stone.

Ace Stone was also the name he used for his scenes at Next Door Studios.

He left gay porn because of an individual. By 2018, he re-joined Twitter as Logan Aarons, but majority of his tweets were in 2021. The change of name was the suggestion of his agent.

In his recent interview as Logan Aarons, he mentioned that Corbin Fisher misread his application and thought he was bisexual. He is gay but he still agreed to film a str8 scene. He was able to maintain an erection because his scene partner Jamie shoved a dildo up his ass.
Interview of Logan with

And, the first to release a scene of him as Logan Aarons was Kink Men.


  1. Cherrystick

    “They misread my application as bi but I’m gay.” Guess those check marks are too small to see.

    “Even though I’m gay, I agreed to do it anyway.”

    “Yes I know that I filmed a str8 scene but the only way I was able to have sex with her was because she put a dildo in my ass.”

    What about the eating her out, her giving you a BJ and you penetrating her?! The dildo stuff was at the tell end of the scene after clearly enjoying the penetration.

    Mmhmm. We’ve seen this narrative with these guys all the time. The whole I did all this str8 stuff but I’m gay… thing is played out. Departure from the industry because of an individual reads to me like a GF got into the mix. No matter how many name changes it all seems sus.

    • ncbored

      Not sure I get your point but…it sounds like you think he’s really bi? Guess that means that every gay man who’s ever had sex with a woman isn’t really gay but bi? Sorry, I don’t….buy it.

      • Cherrystick

        What I’m saying is that his excuse/reasoning is pathetic. Yes he is bi. Dildo or not, he slept with her. Any “gay man who’s in the porn industry who sleeps with the woman anyway is on the bi spectrum. Any so called gay man who sleeps with women is on the bi spectrum.

        We’re not talking about some teenager finding himself. This guy is a porn star. He did this because he wanted to not because a check mark was misread. Gay men get tired of hearing these guys explaining themselves and doing a horrible job of doing so.

        I understand that there are some guys who have pressures put on them here they have to keep their same sex desires hidden. When it comes to him, there was no pressure involved with him screwing this woman.

  2. Bo

    I think he’s hot as hell and probably telling the truth

  3. Jackson Mendel

    When you’re a teenager you can fuck everyone. It’s obvious he is attracted to men.

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