From Quin Quire “For two years I’ve been making this costume… I had my first wear and walk around the neighborhood!”

Folsom 2022

A fellow porn fan would like to know.

Hope you guys feel better now.

Rest in peace.


A message from Diesel Washington when nobody was there for him when he needed help financially. He is now back on his feet.


A cum-popsicle for the anniversary?

13 thoughts on “From Quin Quire “For two years I’ve been making this costume… I had my first wear and walk around the neighborhood!”

  1. “Crime” is the right way to describe Jack… he & Dolf just need to stay off social media.

    Diesel/Lucy/Skylar – why give these people any publicity?

    QQ – nice work on the costume!

  2. Dolf has a terrible tack record with men. Both of his long term exes (Hugh Hunter & Drew Sebastian) have gone on record saying such.

    What really amazes me is how someone who claims to have had been the victim of “domestic abuse” can not only stay with said abuser, but also profit from it.
    Both Drew and Hugh walked away from Dolf, and both are better for it.

    As for the cumsicle, how broken does your ass need to be if you don’t feel the intense burning doing damage from something that cold??

    1. Hugh’s actually doing really well in his life and great for him! He’s pursuing an acting career, he’s happy, lovely on social media, etc…I think BECAUSE he got away from Dolf. That man is poison. It actually surprises me still about Jack, because he was a professional swimmer, then he was really nice when trying to be a fashion designer on Project Runway…but now he’s unrecognizable as a person.

      1. Unrecognizable also because of all the surgery he has had on his face-hey if you can’t become a more attractive person on the inside, you may as well try and fix it on the outside. In this case it went wrong.

    2. Roxas is a male escort YET he doesn’t require his clients to pay a deposit? Also why travel all way to client house? The client I am guessing is white rejected him. That’s the struggle being a male prostitute he sounds like he doesn’t understand the business. His job is to make demands to the client. The client wasted his time. He should of definitely gotten money for gas at least.

  3. Sometimes I feel like a “Bad Gay”, but the only reason why I keep coming back to read these tweets is to honestly make myself feel better knowing that I’m not them.

  4. Diesel…when you Tweet like that, are you really surprised that no one is endeared to work with you? If anyone dares upset you in the slightest, you go off on a relentless public attack.

    Crime being the word. How many times were the Police involved when you two were beating the shit out of each other, slandering each other on Twitter cough Paedophile cough and going on meth binges? You guys really are the perfect couple, but I wish you’d just leave social media and continue your abusive, depraved, toxic relationship in private.

  5. Aside from Quinn Quire and Colton Reece, all of these posts show that these guys are absolute trash. They need to just go somewhere where they can’t contribute negatively to society.

  6. Anyone even remotely considering hiring or even being tangentially involved somehow with DW should flee to the nearest exit. It takes about 5 seconds to read any of his postings, to realize that he is a depraved and quite insane person.

  7. Partners in crime is a perfect way to describe them. Creating an entire story of drug filled lies, child porn accusations, physical abuse and theft just for attention and to drive traffic to their only fans? Sickening. Both of them are poison.

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