Glory hole at Beefcake Hunter

There are three scenes listed under the glory hole category at Beefcake Hunter.

The first two were released in 2016 where the glory hole was a foldable cardboard with a hole.

The third one was released this week that used a portable glory hole – a curtain with a hole.

4 thoughts on “Glory hole at Beefcake Hunter

  1. Noy sure what the point of this post is – that there are ONLY 3 scenes of this type on that site? So what?

    As an aside, I seldom liked gloryhole scenes because the physical set-up limits the interaction between 2 men.

  2. Its not easy making something out of nothing. Since the site’s premise is that these are straight men going gay for pay they have to make it look like the straight men really don’t want to do anything gay and the glory hole is supposedly the least gay thing they can think of. This most recent scene is even worse since its the 8th video by this guy who’s a known straight porn actor. Hopefully the glory hole simulation at least means the owner can pay less and save a few dollars.

  3. I detest this site and this site and that thing that runs it and thinks it is a porn star. This is pure nonsense. The guys who appear like Malik and Evan appeal to me, but this owner ruins every scene like all of those unattractive site owners on All Australian Boys, Military Classified and English Lads et al!
    Urgh, I am actually shuddering thinking about them!

  4. That guy in the last video couldn’t get out of there fast enough. He practically ran out of the kitchen.

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