Kink Men has been relaunched

Kink Men is now a standalone site and not just a sub part of

The number of scenes released by Kink Men changes every month. Hopefully, with the relaunch of the site, it sticks to a schedule. This month, 3 scenes have been released that seems to follow a Monday, Wednesday and Friday release dates 🀞.

1. Cazden Hunter & Devin Franco

2. Isaac X & Jake Waters

3. Pax Perry & Roman Todd

13 thoughts on “Kink Men has been relaunched

  1. I remember back in the days, even though I wouldn’t say I like the site, there are always scenes of a particular actor I found super fun and exciting to watch, especially those gang video with the focus on one sub boy.

    I wonder how it’ll go this time it has “relaunched.”

    1. Haha, I know what u mean. I was a luke warm Christian Wilde fan UNTIL i watched a scene of him on Kink. His dirty talk is so fkn hot AND funny! After that I had to watch every one of his scenes.

  2. Too extreme, dumb and costume-ey. No need for all the over-the-top nonsense. Just give me a classic scene of a sweaty jock getting tag teamed by his trainer a plumber, the dog walker and the mailman, and I’m good.

  3. I wish to god they’d stop using the term “kink” for that site now when it’s just basically bdsm in leather drag.

    I remember years ago when you could find a ton of fetishes when the site was called ” kink video” and it had everything from latex to foot worship to office play, ect.. now it’s been “relaunched” and it looks more tepid than ever…

  4. So, they relaunch with has-beens and losers. How fresh and original of them!

    These looks no different to their 10, 15 year old videos and are probably even using the same guys they did then.

    Hard pass.

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