Luke Reed, Daddy’s Boy, Trace Michaels, Tom Faulk & Dane of Corbin Fisher

Luke Reed bought the rights to his scenes at Next Door Studios. No more Luke Reed on the site and porn blogs have been requested to remove his content. If you do a search on him and click on the links, some have complied with the request.

Adult Time with Daddy’s Boy as their next series after Jerk Buddies.

The stepdad & son sex series features a list of top performers and fresh faces; Daddy’s Boy is hell-bent on pleasing gay fans with a fauxcest twist!

Trace Michaels was a familiar fixture at Rub Him (under Big Daddy) when the site was first launched. By the end of 2011, Trace was out as the go to masseur. He was in the news recently after a 12-year-old murder case was solved that linked his DNA found under the fingernails of the victim.

Tom Faulk [movies], who was sentenced to prison in 2019, has been paroled according to his friend Cliff Jensen. Will he be back in gay porn?

Dane of Corbin Fisher has been arrested 4 times. The first one was in 2016, the year he was introduced by Corbin Fisher at 18 years of age, for battery, burglary & disorderly conduct. The second & third time were in 2019 for possession of marijuana over 20 grams & battery by intentional touch or strike. And, the latest was last September for leaving the scene crash with death-vulnerable road user.

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      1. Uhhh, he didn’t kill anyone. Read the police report. He wasn’t directly involved in the accident – there was no damage to his vehicle. And don’t call me hon.

      2. Correction, while you may be correct and based on all the police reports I’ve read, as another commenter stated there’s no report of damage to his Camaro. My feeling is if anything, his rate of speed, probable loss of control for a brief moment may have caused or contributed to the death. If that’s the case he could face the lessor charge of manslaughter or his best case scenario would be driving at a high rate of speed and coming towards an accident that’s already occurred and swerved to take that exit and panicked because he’s obviously extremely immature and not the sharpest pencil in the box. And realizing his past arrests , panicked. I can’t wait to read the complete police report. He will face at least a few charges at best and you add on the previous offenses he’s going to jail but at this point we don’t know.

  1. The Luke Reed thing is one reason why I think DVDs are still a wise investment if you REALLY like a particular scene or performer.

    1. Torrents are the unofficial archives of the internet. Time and time again proves itself.

      But nothing can beat physical media like Ryan said.

    2. Message to Luke. Once it’s out there, it’s out there. You don’t think about it then but the first upload is all it takes.

        1. Not saying that at all. Of course he’s allowed. He can try his best to delete it all but there’s always that one scene that will be passed and uploaded. Look at scenes from before technology days that are passed around nowadays. It doesn’t go anywhere.

  2. Tom Falk was a mess when he went in jail. Judging from his homocidal “prison paintings” and face tattoos guess he’ll be headed back soon.

    1. Dude, that is called being a “Judgemental Asshole”. Don’t be one of those, resist the temptation, make the world better and be the change.

    2. That would be known as addiction. Drugs, alcohol, it doesn’t matter. It’s a disease of the brain and eventually it’s driving the car, telling you what to do and when to do it. It leaves you a crumpled up powerless mess. So many in my family in graves by 35. Somehow it never knocked on my door. And there’s other help out there besides 12 step AA and NA which is a real turn off for a lot of people. I wish Tom well, happy he’s out, paid his dues, and most likely will never go to prison again if he resumes his old lifestyle. He’ll be dead sadly.

  3. Sadly Dane cannot help himself and will end up inside jail. No doubt his excellent talents will be put to good use whilst in there, once the other prisoner recognised him. Its a pity though, as his performances on Corbin Fisher are excellent. Dane I suspect get support from the Corbin Fisher Legal Team, as after all he makes serious money for them over the 7 years that he had been there. Dane is definitely gay and loves being fucked in the ass. Thank goodness for that!

  4. How does one go about buying their right for their porn performances and what’s the point as the content is already all over the internet?

    1. It’s a frantic attempt to erase a past that can never be erased. I suppose the studio sets a standard price based on number of scenes but I bet it’s the number of views that ends up a large part of your buyout. At least he’s eliminated his most high profile exposure. Hey Gaz

  5. If they can erase a digital video I downloaded years ago without alerting me, I would sue, unless there was a legal notice I may not have read saying that if the performer got religion later in life and may, in an act of contrition, ask for his cock sucking past be erased.

    1. Did you purchase a perpetual license to the material you downloaded? What were the terms of a subscription? If you downloaded without a license, as when copying from a source other than the copyright owner, you have no rights to the material.

  6. I don’t understand how Adulttime thinks incest and straight guys is original? It kind of feels like their trying to “monopolize” (IDK if that’s the right word) all porn.

  7. I hear Dane went to court. Has anyone heard anything since? His girlfriend said he looks hot in the booking photo on his instagram. I think he will be fine and will be sent to AA and maybe halfway house at most.

      1. ya I think he went to his prelim hearing a couple three weeks after getting released after posting a 5000 bail.

  8. he was released on or around 9/21 I think then had arraignment rescheduled from October 4 to November 8

    1. Ah ok so ‘Dane’ may be unlucky and sent to jail for a long period. Hopefully CF will assist him with his legal fees as they have made enough money out of him with his 100 plus scenes for them.

      This young man is insatiable for the dick and is having sex with men on and I believe off the camera, despite his ‘girlfriend’ saying he looks hot in the booking photo on his instagram 🤣

      My guess is that with Dane’s rack record of 4 previous convictions, I dont think his chances are look too good, as they will take those into consideration when sentencing him. Silly Sod!

      Honestly what is with these guys in porn that just cant stay out of trouble!

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