Pierce Paris “I’m in my hotel room getting warmed up for today, with a microwave!!”

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  1. It’s so ironic how Ricky Larkin thinks he is a victim of a society that oppresses people like him when he is the one who has been incredibly homo/biphobic in his entire career. Dear, you are part of the problem. If you want things to change, start with yourself maybe?

  2. The top earning porn stars tend to be attractive and exciting to watch. There’s a reason David Skylar makes minimum wage

  3. I think Vin Roxx has quit porn? He deactivated both his Twitter and OF and in one of his final posts was complaining about people not signing up even though he only charges $4.99 and his content was actually high quality hotness (at the time I read this message his page was free).

    If so, that’s the fastest flame’out I’ve ever seen since I started this journey with online adult entertainment. And kind of sad, the man had potential! He was beautiful, if only his scenes were hotter. Oh well?

  4. At least Ricky Larkin is admitting what we gay men know about most “straight men” in gay porn. Yeah, you can like women but it is kind of hard (no pun intended) to deny that you like men (Roman Todd, Colin, Simpson and 85% of the gay porn industry) when you have another man balls deep in your ass or vice versa and you’re covered in more cum than the earth is covered in water. With that being said, Ricky still finds a way to be an annoying prick even in the mist of such tragedy. No wonder why he has more haters than fans.

    Porn is supposed to make me want to masturbate. None of these people make me wanna tug my twig and rub my berries.

  5. Mason Wyler – welcome back stud!
    Logan Stevens – always sexy
    Brendan Patrick – I have such a crush on you
    Pierce Paris, Armond Rizzo, Ricky Larkin – please go away
    Roxas – never heard of you
    Drew Valentino – better stick to porn, not stand up… but you look cute
    David Skylar – if you want a nice home go get a job
    Steven Lee – sorry for your loss, such a sad story

  6. Can someone erase ms Paris from the internet? This deranged sociopath needs to go. And maybe take Dumbo Larkin and prolapse Rizzo with you.

  7. David Skylar (sigh)….you know what It’s funny because knowing what a complete train wreck he is, I actually agreed with his first post, and have wondered about the curated backgrounds and spaces where some porn actors have photos taken (and videos done) and wonder about how much the “image” meets reality. (Porn is a fabrication, but then, as we forget so is the actor. Cuz honestly, people doing extremely well don’t post Amazon wishlists and Cashapp links b/c they don’t have to).

    But, of course, it is David Skylar and anything that made sense has to almost immedately go sideways. Just like his COVID rantings, (a) it first turns into a big conspiracy, (b) the ‘things that happen to society’ suddenly become ‘the things that happen to me’, (c) he takes a moment to pat himself on the back for being smarter than everyone else (Good God…he called himself Jesus in this video!), and he (d) affirms his heterosexuality (she doth protest so much that I’m at the point that I don’t think she even believes she’s straight anymore).

    And he always leaves with this “I don’t have to be here” vibe, and this video thread, he showed his damn hand. You complain about being poor and only making 20k in porn and living in a terrible place. Okay, that’s terrible (and frankly, if you factor in Czech performers, I’m going to guess not uncommon at all). And I’m the first to say – yes- poverty is not a choice, as it is a repeating cycle. But if you’re so smart, and realize this, and know you’re being taken advantage of….why continue? Especially when you say in that last rant how you could “do something else”? Then…go do it?

    Skylar claims to be so smart, but doesn’t recognize that the moment he made his COVID claims, any star he had in the field started to fall. And while studios can still do “hard canceling” of people (see also Sgt Miles in everywhere except Lucas), “soft canceling” where they just space ut your videos (under the assumption you’ll just leave and they’ll have a stockpile) is common, too And the more he does videos like this, and makes his comments and says “I don’t care what people think” (but he cares that other ppl are paid more and “exclusives”), the worse off he will be.

    He needs to put up or shut up. If things are really as bad for him as he says, and he has other options…well, there’s the door.

    1. He doesn’t leave because he doesn’t want to. And in fact he likes it. Just like all these other guys. They love the ease, ego stroking, and minimal work required in this profession. But furthermore, Daivd likes messing with men. The porn shoots allow him to give plausible deniability to himself and to others (that believe in that shit of course) that he’s straight, but the reality is that he is bisexual and just haven’t come to terms with it yet.

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