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  1. Yes absolutely Roman Todd & Pierce Paris are probably the best male versatile performers. They seem to be collaborating a lot lately. Their only fans videos very passionate and not. Yes People criticize them for being in relationships with women off camera. But on camera these two suck cock well, take cock up the ass, and fuck too. Their only fans accounts also very good especially Roman Todd. He is getting fucked and spit roasted by some of the hottest men in porn. In terms of porn work these two Their credit only fans account mostly gay sex. They do fuck women too and fans know this.

    1. Probably. The very concept of the site and its scenarios is so off-putting. Not a healthy fantasy.

  2. WHY is Roman Todd seemingly EVERYWHERE? Something changed this year and I can’t actually think of a single website he hasn’t done a scene with. I know that Mind Geek owns them all now, but he’s quite possibly the most saturated porn “star” out there.

    1. I don’t disagree, yet I don’t mind him. The overexposed ones I can’t take anymore are Michael Boston and Beau Butler.

  3. OMFG. Another Roman Todd update. Let me be blunt…

    I’ll start with a positive. Roman is a nice looking guy. We see that. That being said, I never understood what the hoopla is over him.

    Roman being on every release, update and upload isn’t a flex. It’s not a positive. It shows you who they cater “gay” porn towards. A man who said himself that he’s not gay. They don’t even give actual gay talent as much fan fare and hype like they do him. It’s past repetitive. It’s become comical and it shows the disconnect that these studios have with their viewers. Every blog features him way too much. Look at how many times we’ve seen him on here in the past week or two.

    The overexposure has stripped him of any allure. When he’s featured in a scene, I immediately click away. I’m just one individual out of a whole group that probably feels the same way. Give us fresh faces, more gay talent and more than anything, give us a damn break with this dude.

    1. You see Roman Todd a lot because he is a professional. There are porn models who do drugs aren’t on time dom follow the rules. Of course, porn companies going to stick with the men they know get job done. He is a handsome man who keeps his body in shape he is good at his job. He’s also 37 years old a veteran in porn business. Producers want models who are consistent and put out good product. Roman Todd also isn’t straight and if you followed his only fans. He also explained to fans he is also attracted to men too. This guy is getting fucked raw by tons of men. He’s sucking tons of dicks on his only fans. Yet other models like Kaleb Stryker only fucks women on his only fans.

      1. I didn’t say he was str8. I said he claims that he isn’t gay. Roman might stay in shape and might be professional but none of that matters. The consumers don’t want to see the same man on the screen five or more times with five or more different studios. It’s absolutely redundant and boring.

        There are plenty of other men who could do the same thing. I’ve seen the exact same sentiment on many blogs so it’s not just one or two people feeling this way. Overexposure of any model will eventually form a disconnect.

  4. On a semi-related topic to Roman Todd being overexposed right now (which I agree). You know someone who, last year this time, was just as overexposed and has seemed to disappear? Dante Colle. Is it me or has he just…left?

    1. Dante Colle is still around.

      He’s mostly doing bi and trans porn now. Shame, I really liked him.

  5. I’m kinda shocked that I haven’t seen him on a cereal box yet cause of how he’s been showing up EVERYWHERE recently..

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