12 thoughts on “Rosebud of Ridick

  1. Every time I think about how it might be hot to be so totally submissive as to let someone control me like that, I remember how physically damaging it could be and just how gross rosebuds are.

    Leave it to ML to make these two unwatchable in a scene.

  2. this just looks so unhealthy – it’s as though we are party to this man actively destroying his body – I can’t fathom how this is sexy, fun, or pleasurable in any way

  3. I dunno I think it looks kind of hot in red rose way lolšŸ˜‚.

    Blimey I remember watching my first fisting scene in Falcons In Your Wildest Dreams. Its the last scene with Scott O’Hara, Justin Cade and Bosch Wagner who was getting a massive dildo and was fisted. I was totally shocked and could not watch it for few weeks afterwards. Now its like whatever, next scene, as I am not easily shocked or outrage like some of you clearly are.

  4. No, seeing someone’s blood-red intestines protruding from their anus is a complete turn-off and the thought of licking them just makes me feel sick.

  5. Ask and physician about this practice and they will strongly advise against it as dangerous and very likely to require surgery, result i life long changes to bowel function or worse. For what? Something that disgusts most of us anyway. Nothing hot here folks. Pathetic. How about a little scat on top?

  6. So gross!!! We don’t need to see your insides!!! Let it to the imagination….I thought he was cute and had a nice butt. Now I can’t unsee that shit!

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