Justin Brody (aka River West & River Elliot)

He was first known in 2015 as River West at Guys In Sweatpants then as River Elliot at Jason Sparks Live and Next Door Studios.

By 2017, he was Justin Brody [movies] at Cocky Boys where majority of his scenes were released.

It was also in 2017 that he walked the runway for Helmut Lang.

He is still active on Twitter as Justin Brody to promote his fan site.

12 thoughts on “Justin Brody (aka River West & River Elliot)

    1. Not a fan of top-only guys either, but is was/is very hot and a good performer. Excellent ass eater.

  1. He was born with good looks. That amount of ink suggests he has fucked up his brain with drugs.

    1. I’ve followed him on Instagram for about two years and I expected to see a party boy, but I was surprised he seems to have a totally normal life. He’s cooks a lot, he hangs out with nice-looking nerds (and even normal-looking girls) and seems to value his close friends, who don’t look like they’re in the business. Very mommas boy if your momma is a ’60s liberal. Maybe he cleaned up.

  2. Always thought he was hot as fuck. He has a scene with Taylor Reign at CockyBoys (that’s still there) that should be a primer for all gay XXX websites on how to shoot porn. I don’t give a fuck about his tats. He knows how to do it.

  3. Justin & Bruce Beckham scene in the “Slutty Professor” was epic! Justin appears to be a sensual lover. I’d love to have an evening with him.

  4. Was a fan till he did a FTM scene. He kind of lost me at that point and then he disappeared. The covering of the TV set on his chest looks horrific.

  5. What. Has. He. DONE TO HIMSELF?

    Those are actually some of the worst tattoos I’ve ever seen on a porn star and that’s saying something.

    He used to be handsome enough, but he was never a good performer. He’s a one dimensional top, not a very good one at that and he just has a nasty vibe about him. An attitude or a meanness, like he’s too good to be gay, too good to bottom and it’s very off putting.

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