3 thoughts on “Angel Santana, Rex Lima & Asher Rose

  1. Asher Rose is almost certainly Doug Acre who did a few scenes at Falcon, Gayroom and a solo at Nextdoor a few years ago. He has stopped shaving his legs, probably to hide the scar on his lower leg, but he has the same mole on his jaw/cheek.

  2. I have several Doug Acre videos–no mark on his cheek, very big cock (this guy is only average), and if this is guy is Doug his age on GH as 24 means he couldn’t have been in videos as far back as 2013 when he started, This kid is cute and needs to be fucked more.

  3. Maybe Bo is right, I didn’t consider the age issue or realize Acre was active almost a decade ago. Asher sure looks like Doug’s younger brother though!

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