Blake of Sean Cody, Malik Delgaty & Doc Tay Tay

The cast of the upcoming 5-man orgy at Sean Cody were finally revealed. And, Blake was indeed one of them.

Men teased their followers on Twitter that two porn stars filmed their first time as the bottom. The first one was Finn Harding. And, everyone is guessing the second one was Malik Delgaty.

Will Malik really bottom for the first time?

Doc Tay Tay of Gay Hoopla (Taylor of Frat Men & Kenny of My Friends’ Feet) has been working behind the scenes at Gay Hoopla as Head of Production. It seems he just vanished – all his tweets have been deleted. And, according to tipster MoPFan “… he hasn’t posted anything to OF in a few weeks, and his ManyVids content has been deleted.

Were these tweets from Dmitry Dickov, owner of Gay Hoopla, directed to Doc Tay Tay?

18 thoughts on “Blake of Sean Cody, Malik Delgaty & Doc Tay Tay

  1. I just twt and ask him who he was talking about? But you know what, MOP all of this Gay Porn sites have drama going on and this is better than watching television! As you really dont know what is going to happen next in the crazy would of gay porn. lol!

          1. I’m sure someone said that video was a fake and it was actually a Cody Cummings-esque softcore, designed to deceive people into thinking he’d bottomed.

            1. I wonder though if Malik will a good bottom, since he’s such an awful top :-/ It would just be nice to see something more on his face than a bored and gormless expression.

  2. I dont know about you guys but the 5 Sean Cody guys in the pictures dont do anything for me. Maybe seeing them in action will change that. Oh the old day when the Sean Cody models looked beyond hot has long passed by!

  3. Dmitry Dickov is still around? I vaguely remember him from his chaturbate days. I’m quite shocked that he’s still involved in the gay side of the industry. Next to Malik, I’ve never seen such a lifeless, rigid performer. You could put two department store mannequins together and film them using stop motion technique and you’d get more passion. Dmitry always looks miserable when he’s with guys. Like someone behind the camera’s got a gun pointed at him. “Now fuck, boy, or it’s curtains for you”!

    1. I was shocked to find out that he is the owner of Gay Hoopla after reading this article to be fair. I cant remember him on GH but it looks like Doc Tay Tay has betrayed him hence his twitter statement!

      1. Oh right. He is the owner of GH, isn’t he?. Weird. You’d think someone who looks so miserable doing their job would at least choose a career befitting to them. It would be like going to a five star restaurant and receiving a plate of chef boyardee. If you don’t have the talent or the ingredients, logic would suggest he do something he’s qualified for… Oh well.

        1. Co-owner with LaEl. He does the programming and IT side of the site. So he’s behind the scenes and not really in front of the camera. But he’s hinting that might change.

          1. That’s probably a good thing. It would also explain why I’ve not seen much of him (scene-wise) lately. Those early scenes are hard to watch. Painfully awkward and uncomfortable. It’s very apparent that he’s not into it. And for me, if the performers are not having a good time and into it, I’m not either.

            1. Dmitry is gay? Somehow I doubt this. If he is, he sure doesn’t appear to be enjoying the sex he’s having (or had). I’ve seen people more enthusiastic about filing their income taxes.

  4. I’d rather watch leaves fall from the trees in my yard than see Malik and Finn fuck anyone including each other. They both are stiff, stale and boring.

    SC has erased not only their best talent but their allure. Any newer release, even the ones with their older models have been lackluster. I believe most people would agree that they would get more traction if they brought back those deleted scenes from yesteryear.

    Personally GH is so problematic and anyone who comes works for or comes through their ranks does nothing for me. They all become extra problematic and that site has been notorious for treating their actual gay models very shady. This has been well known facts.

  5. Gayhoopla company and its fake staff of ex “models” is hilarious. Who do they think they are? Belami? LOL. I have never seen a company with so much in fighting. They all act like a bunch of queens. This is why you don’t hire bros.

    As for DrTayTay. Dude is gross. He won’t fuck guys, not that I want him to, but has no qualms making scat/toilet content. I don’t understand how someone can be in the porn industry for so long and not do anything. Seriously, stuff like that blows my mind. Like why and how are you still affiliated with the gay porn industry yet you have never did gay porn? Hopefully, his ass is gone for good and take a few others with him like Dustin and all the other rats who want to eat kitchen crumbs and not do anything. Fratmen died about 10 years ago, move on! With such a toxic work environment, no wonder why openly gay men hate/hated working for them and felt suppressed. I’m still mad that they forced Alex to do straight porn. Poor Alex on Twitter just as gay as can be.

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