8 thoughts on “Comeback scene of Calan at Corbin Fisher

  1. Eli was one of the main guys I imagined having a scene with Calan.

    If only Hugh would come back too.

  2. No anal, no rimming, no fim eating? Come on Corbin Fisher he isn’t another one of your inexperienced ‘straight’ guys, he’s an openly gay guy who’s already done it all on camera, what the hell?

    1. Agreed its bloody nonsense, Seriously on this ‘independent, gay-owned and gay-operated home of America’s hottest college men’.

  3. Gonna have rant! WTF is this nonsense? Really Corbin Fisher, you tease us about Calan’s return and then you produce this shite! Really? You have two hot Gay Men in scene an only do a massage and mutual jerk off, what is English Lads?

    Seriously I do detest the way that this supposingly ‘independent, gay-owned and gay-operated home of America’s hottest college men’, take their fans for fools, who will continue to fund and praise them unconditionally! I could say more, but what is the point, it not life or death is it!

    Ok rant over!

  4. Of course CF left the main course for December, they’re gonna squeeze every dime possible of this comeback, since there’s no single hot model around. Calan belongs to another league which includes Grant, Hugh, Sebastian. What Concerns CF right now might probably be to find a match to top Calan, Maybe Rocky?

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