David Slinger with the first scene he filmed for Gay Hoopla that had him top Sage Hardwell “David Slinger got paired up with Sage Hardwell for his 1st GayHoopla scene!

Koko as the latest top at Bi Latin Men with Flake as his bottom.

Shadow with his first scene at Kink Men with Asher Croft as his bottom.

8 thoughts on “David Slinger, Koko & Shadow

  1. Gay Hoopla have strange way of releasing their scenes as David has already appeared with Mickey Mallato, and although I like both of them, but there was no screen connection. Both looked uncomfortable and this was turn off. Unlike with Ian and Jaxon which was smoking.

    Hopefully David is better in this scene. Mickey, I note connected far better with Sage Hardwell and he put a 110% effort into his scene with Aften Opal. This put me off him a bit, as he need to the same all of his GH scenes, not just in his straight scenes!

    1. Yeah, I mean you make a great point because before this, didn’t they just release a solo from a guy that was already shown weeks earlier in a scene.

      Anyways, I want to say that this Shadow guy is super hot as well. I don’t know how I feel about his name… makes me think of a dog, or Shadow the Hedgehog… but the model is totally hot, maybe he can change who I think of!

    2. That’s because they fly the guys out for a week and have them shoot scenes back to back. Then they sit on the clips and upload them months later.

  2. I like David quite a bit and I’m more and more into watching Sage getting fucked! I’m glad it happens.

    The unfortunate thing about BiLatinMen is that the actor’s profile is never created and we don’t know anything about boys that appear there, and they don’t even reappear that much. I think I like Flake and this is his second scene, but I wish I know more about him.

  3. Koko is the best of the bunch. He’s got a rock hard cock made for porn and incredible stamina to bang away for a long time as a top.

  4. SHADOW: He started badly because chose that studio full of negative and serious accusations, Kink. And doing fisting, that repulsive and unnecessary thing! He should improve his career by making a good movie and not participating in these bizarre scenes.

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