10 thoughts on “Devin Trez as the latest top for Damien White

  1. OMG I LUV Trez! He is a beautiful man with a gorgeous cock that I would love to have fuck me. Wow!

    1. I’ve met 4 G4P porn performers, all 4 are completely hooked on hard drugs. I honestly thought all or most of them are. They will literally do anything to get money to get more drugs.

      1. A few performers have said that some websites purposefully get their models hooked on drugs as a means of control. I can believe it, because they don’t appear as meth addicts and crack heads in their first videos, but you see the decline as they continue and especially when they swap sites.

  2. Devin Trez one of the hottest masculine men in gay porn. He has a massive cock. I am so surprised he hasn’t done straight porn or bisexual porn? He has the right look and big cock.

    1. He’s done some bi porn. At least one that I am aware of. A four-way with Dante Colle, Aspen, and some girl. Not that I was into it, but whatever.

      1. Yeah that’s the moment he declined for me. I’m guessing I’m not the only one and afterwards is when you barely saw him doing any sort of studio work.

        1. Yeah. I was a fan of his until I ran across that clip. He’ll either continue down that path and disappear from the gay side of the industry or he’ll realize that a lot of his supporters weren’t too keen and refrain from it. A bit like Michael Boston’s ftm cover-up.

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