From David Skylar “I deleted all my political posts, and am going to end my life.”

25 thoughts on “From David Skylar “I deleted all my political posts, and am going to end my life.”

  1. I pray he’s not serious! He posts alot of crazy stuff but he’s hot and I’d be his friend – even in a non-sexual way. Give a helpline a call David – they can help you through this trying time. When I was a kid, I was talking to my Dad about something that really pissed me off and said “I just want to kill myself.” His reply was “that’s a very permanent solution to a temporary problem.” Words to live by.

  2. If a person is really serious about ending their life then there isn’t anything anyone can do to stop them. A person stating this would have to be looked after 24/7 in order to keep them from doing anything. If a person really has it in them to do themselves in they will accomplish it one way or another. He can seek help but that is a temporary solution to the problems he is facing. If you let others bully you into doing something so tragic then you need to get stronger than them and just ignore what they are saying. It is a person’s mentality and how strong they are on whether or not they can get themselves through what they are going through. It takes one bad comment to get people to start being negative towards that comment and the person that stated it. I hope he can get through this without going to drastic measures but that will be totally up to him and seeking the help he needs.

    1. I’m not a fan of David Skylar, but he’s clearly disturbed and a suicide threat isn’t something to take lightly. Even if you hate the guy. I hope he seeks help and gets his life together.

    1. I just hope he gets the help he needs, because he does need A LOT of help.

      1. I’m sorry Pertinax that wasn’t meant to be a reply to your comment, it was meant to be a new one. I must have clicked the wrong button.

  3. I really hope that wasn’t a suicide note. It would honestly surprise me if it was, because people who are serious about ending their lives, wouldn’t say that on social media. The people who are struggling most, you never know anything about what they’re going through until they’ve actually committed suicide.

    Reese Rideout’s little brother just killed himself and no one saw it coming. He didn’t say a word.

    With “David”, I hope he doesn’t ending his life. If he’s talking about anything, I hope he means the death of his porn persona. The aggressive Tweeter whose opinions should rightly be deleted.

    The real man I hope is alive and gets well, because he’s clearly not been. “David Skylar” is welcome to be deleted along with his Tweets, which helped nobody, least of all the man behind David.


  4. Not sure what he posted exactly, but there’s nothing wrong with being conservative, and we should be glad to see more diversity of opinion among people who work in the porn industry. There’s way too much hate going around.

  5. It may be crystal meth or some other hard drug contributing to him losing his mind. An ex boyfriend of mine killed himself less than a year ago after two previous failed attempts. Although he seemed normal to most people, he continued to sink further in his addition despite having been in rehab 4 times. Some of those drugs are killers.

  6. 14 hours in, no follow up tweet.

    I do not particularly like or even follow the guy, but I hope he hasn’t followed through with it, has someone close looking out for him and that he seeks the help he needs.

  7. yeah he has been dealing with a lot of personal issues and being on social media does not help. hope he gets help and stays off social media until then in order to get himself together. all the best.

  8. A guy in Brazil recently throwd himself in front of a moving truck and held on it for miles moving at high speed, just because there’s a movement that is blocking roads in an attempt to promote a coup by the millitary. They were convinced by whatsapp and telegram groups that the elected soon-to-be-president will install communism in Brazil by 2023 and all around the country there’re people putting themselves in danger or putting others in danger, out of desperation. This is the outcome of extreme misinformation, it literally kills people.

  9. No matter what is said and done. I am very disturbed by this post and some of the comments.

    Obviously it is a shout out for either help or attention.

    Either way people are entitled to their opinions however I hope someone who cares and loves him reads those tweets and helps him.

    Enough said.

  10. I hate to say this but “when you’d rather kill yourself, than analyze your own political opinions”. I guess that is normal right? That is a traditional soldier. Still, I hope he does NOT end his life.

  11. An opinionated oversharing asshole for months, followed by a “goodbye cruel world” post. Even the suicide announcement is thirsty. Rather than trying to drum up sympathy, how about just not posting nonsense online, getting offline completely and get your head in a better place. Things tend to improve dramatically when you’re not announcing to the world how much of a jerk you are.

  12. If David Skylar is a conservative REpublican by all means he Must kill himself!!!! just Kidding:) 🙂 He is not going to end his life he just want some attention! My advise to David is go eat more man juice and do what you do best, flunck!!! Love to David and suicide is not a juck so just been dramatic like he is>

  13. May he rest in peace I guess. Maybe he just killed his porn persona and the actual guy is now free.

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