11 thoughts on “Guys who rimmed the owner of Military Classified

  1. Urgh! That owner is like him off BCH, and this has put me right off my breakfast this morning. Marco needs to get back to Corbin Fisher to join their ailing roster of blokes having Gay Sex as he is good performer top and bottom!

  2. It’s hard to tell from these still shots if the guys are actually eating ass. I love watching a good rim scene, but I have to see tongue on hole action, not the back of someone’s head as he fakes it. BTW — Kristen Bjorn scenes have been outstanding in this regard, especially in the last year (altho KB has always featured plenty of rimming).

    1. Agreed as in the latest Corbin Fisher scene Jordan is supposed to eat out Dylan ass, and his tongue fails to touch his asshole in fact it way above it, which is laughable.

      Gay Hoopla Mickey Mallato is another one that pretend to eat his male screen partner’s asshole but fakes it, making load of slurping noises but clearly is not actually doing it! To be fair, I have gone off him a bit, as he certainly put far more effort into his Hot Guy Fuck screen performances than in his Gay Hoopla scenes. Just watch him with Apel Opel and you will see what I mean. Just an observation.

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