Is Calan making a comeback at Corbin Fisher?

Corbin Fisher teased their followers on Twitter that “someone’s back to film for the first time since 2017”.

A handful of their followers were confident it was Calan.

12 thoughts on “Is Calan making a comeback at Corbin Fisher?

  1. Whoever it is, let’s hope he brings some good energy and a damn decent performance to the studio, just like Beau, Max and Elian did a few years ago. Beau needs to come back as some of his scenes were legendary and he was such a pretty boy poser but love the dick despite his heterosexual credentials lol!

  2. Of all the people to bring back…why someone who isn’t memorable?

    I know that Jeff went from jailbird to successful international businessman, Lucas is still on the lam, they decided Dawson was too old, TJ is living in seclusion, Derek and Cade are nowhere to be seen and Connor is reformed now and only does straight work…but they were the memorable “Dean’s List” guys and the only ones I’d be interested in seeing again. Ah, but if only the gorgeous Pete were to come back…

    Randy Blue’s relaunching without its legends, CF is making a fuss about this guy who I’d never even registered, but why can’t the people behind these sites do something exciting like bring a star back? Instead, we either get Corbin’s vanilla, Johnny Rapid and Roman Todd everywhere, the Gay4Pay French Canadians, some really interesting guys wasted at GayHoopla…but nothing outside the box.

    1. Well, that’s you. I remember Calan very well. Probably because he is actually gay, unlike most, if not all of the guys you listed and unlike most of CF’s lineup.

      1. I too, remember Calan and loved his work, and that he played for our team. Regardless of who it is, I’d love to see what Calan looks like today! 😋

  3. Wow I’m super excited if Calan really returns! He has a hot and lean body and enjoys sex with guys. Loved his scenes back in the days, with him topping and bottoming enthusiastically for his partners.

    1. I want Jax to fuck him so bad. He is hot and he has nice skin. He needs to take a big black cock.

  4. If you don’t remember Calan, it’s your memory, not Calan. He was sexy as fuck. Excited at the possibility that CB would bring him back.

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