6 thoughts on “Johnny Rapid with Kyler Drayke

  1. Excuse me while I heave. No! Just… No. I know I get a lot of flack for criticizing bi porn/bi performers, but for me it’s not a criticism of their sexuality. As a gay man, I would rather not witness it. It’s almost as if this shit is being shoved down our throats for sport at this point….. Johnny Rapid + a bi scene. Talk about compounding a felony!

  2. There was once a website and this was years ago, that listed how many times Johnny Rapid had been fucked on camera and by how many guys. It was a list of 200 and I’m serious that he’s probably doubled that. He most hold a world record!

    Why the attempt to rebrand him as a top though, because can anyone take him seriously? Not even Gabriel Cross can approach being so typecast a bottom.

  3. Good for him. Like I’m not into Johnny Rapid. Kyler has his moments. Oh hey there’s a girl…….okay.

    I guess the greatest injustice here is some of the comments. Like if Johnny’s a top now then good for him. Glad he’s exploring all his sides. At least at the end of the day he will know himself. Most of what I read through is just dudes hating. Like I wish I had the same sexual freedom when I was younger….but that’s my fault for not needing to be in Gayopolis where everything is fabulous.

    See I guess I just enjoy dudes with hard dicks….however they do it. Whenever they do it. With whomever they do it. If he goes home and leads the church choir at the end of the day it’s fine. I got to see his dick. It’s been a happy day.

    More love ya’ll……more love.

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