6 thoughts on “Kane Hardy of Gay Hoopla at Corbin Fisher as Wyatt

    1. Remember…he didn’t write that. GH is notorious for misrepresenting it’s models and even running their social media for them and putting words in their mouths. When they fired Collin Simpson for drug abuse, they kept running his Twitter page and he had to create another using his real name of James Proctor. Then they took him back and I’m not sure which Twitter account he’s using these days, but GH washed their hands of him when they fired him a second time and after they’d released all the videos they still had.

      It would be so much better not to have these phony bios at all…how about just a great video and no bullshit?

      1. A lot of the models run their own social media though. And Kane has been open and adamant about being bisexual. No need for conspiracies.

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