Michael Boston & Lucca Mazzi

I didn’t know the two were a couple until I read a tweet from Michael Boston this week that Lucca Mazzi (aka Zack Blake) is his boyfriend.

The two are the latest update at Adult Time.

A straight groom-to-be, Michael Boston, is enjoying his bachelor party when his mischievous groomsmen begin teasing him about a surprise they have planned. He is suspicious, reminding them that his wife-to-be said that there were to be NO STRIPPERS at the party. The groomsmen skirt around this and are sly as they tell Michael to close his eyes, which he does.

But when Michael opens his eyes, he finds himself staring at Lucca Mazzi, who is smiling charmingly back at him. The groomsmen have a laugh, saying that Michael’s wife-to-be never said anything against having MALE strippers!

After the show, Michael’s groomsmen move elsewhere in the house to finish with the rest of the party, clearly done with their little joke. Meanwhile, Michael sees Lucca out but sparks fly in the doorway as Michael realizes he still wants a bit more fun…

12 thoughts on “Michael Boston & Lucca Mazzi

  1. To my knowledge, there’s never been a single successful porn star dating another porn star “relationship”. It’s when the porn characters date, not the real men and then doing it publicly through Twitter. It always ends in disaster, with accusations of violence and cheating and with Mackenroth and Dietrich, claims of assault, meth, heroin and paedophilia.

    If these guys make it work and it’s not dysfunctional, then great…but the odds are against them both being sex workers and ESPECIALLY having their relationship public and on social media. “In a relationship” on Facebook can rile people up who aren’t even in the public eye.

      1. Yes – Carter and Alex seem pretty normal people as porn stars go.
        Nobody here will remember this one, but Robert Prion and Jay Richards of yestergay porn grew old together and were still together up to Prion’s death earlier this year.
        I was trying to think of another post-social media one. I guess Asher and Deacon are still together.

        1. Wow. I used to lover Robert Prion’s movies as his guys were so ‘normal’ and next doorish and the sex was usually hot and often flip flops. Sorry to hear he’d passed and hope to see on the web his collection (they are rare).

    1. How are Daniel Evans and Evan Knoxx doing? They seem pretty chill and cuddly together, and each seems like a decent guy.

  2. Lucca and Michael are beyond awesome! And Lucca’s OnlyFans is red-hot…his recent scenes with Dom King and Alex Volkov (no PPVs) could melt an iceberg! I love this guy so much!!!

  3. I don’t understand the negativity be happy for Michael Boston and his boyfriend! So all the bullshit that Michael is bisexual is nonsense. He loves other men. I am happy for Michael & Lucca!

    1. because most posters on here do not believe relationships between gay porn men can work and especially if they are sex workers as well

    2. So yea. He could love men and be in a relationship with another man and still be bisexual. Bisexual men have same sex relationships. After all, we’ve seen him having vaginal sex so…. The speculations of Michael being bi have some sort of validity and are reasonable. Him doing the WNB scene after the trans scene didn’t help his cause at all.

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