Last July, Bruce Beckham teased his fans of his possible comeback to gay porn.

He shared a photo of him with Joey Mills at Men last month.

This week, his debut scene at My Friends’ Feet was released. It looked like a homemade scene sold to the studio.

4 thoughts on “Comeback scene of Bruce Beckham

  1. What is this My Friend’s Feet website? They had Chris Rockway on there a few weeks ago, now Bruce Beckham…the videos look awful and foot fetishes don’t personally do anything for me, but how are they bringing the guys out of retirement? And if they’re coming out of retirement, can they please get back to proper porn?

  2. Not for me and I joined My Friend’s Feet for 6 months earlier this year on special deal and it was ok. There were some fucking hot guys on there. The web owners say contact him re any comments/suggestions and then never replies back to you. I say save your money.

  3. Oh goodness. Not him don’t anything with that vile ass Riley Mitchel. Can’t stand him at all. Bruce please don’t fall down the Mason Wyler way with this comeback. You’re worthy of better studios and better scene partners.

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