Mason Wyler [movies] was introduced in 2005 by Corbin Fisher.

Majority of his scenes were released by Next Door Studios, where he had a self-titled website.

It was in 2010 that he revealed that he was HIV+.

Mason had a blog where he talked about his rape in 2006, shared his homemade scene with DJ of Active Duty, who became the modern face of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in 2012, and his experience with Zane aka Todd of Corbin Fisher.

If you miss him, he is back via Men. His scene with Ryan Bailey will be released next week.

12 thoughts on “If you miss Mason Wyler

  1. He’s looking great, but I thought he was LONG gone. I remember when Mason his own blog and he was dating a model from Chaos Men…I can’t remember his name, but he was apparently toxic. They were flaming each other online, like so many gay porn stars do now on Twitter.

    Mason was also bragging about hooking up with, I think it was hitchhikers and guys on Craig’s List and desperately taking loads. This was pre-PreP and with no attempt at safe sex or vetting or partners.

    I REALLY hope he’s got his life back together now and that he’s doing well, because I honestly thought he’d been driven mad and that we’d never hear from him again.

    1. If I recall correctly, Mason was hanging out with Zane from Chaos. Mason said he was racist and talked about steroids a lot. Apparently Mason remembered the steroid part.

  2. He always seemed sweet, but something felt so desperate and lonely before and after the HIV status. And, wow, did the pitchforks and torches come out for him for that! Like he was Typhoid Mary herself! Didn’t he marry a Filipino daddy right before he stepped off the merry-go-round?

  3. Not only his body proportions are all over the place because of the roids, but homegurl’s face is looking ROUGH. And a “top”? With that cockring? Just….don’t.

  4. Oh no. Not this site Mason. Don’t become one of the guys who does this “Oh no, we’ve been caught having gay sex by a woman” shit that pushes down our throats every week. Lord know what this hideous site might have this man do in the future.

  5. I was a fan of his years ago. Nice to have him back, shame he obviously on roids. Plus, why – I hate their stupid setups. He should work at Raw Fuck Club!

  6. He looks like a gorilla. Plus, I just can’t bother with any dirtbag who acted so irresponsibly in the pre-Prep days.

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