Jaxton Wheeler [movies] as Valentino at Chaos Men in 2011.

Jaxton at Next Door Studios [gallery 01 & gallery 02] in 2015.

Jaxton at Men from 2013 to 2017.

Jaxton re-joined Twitter last April.

Jaxton is still active on Chaturbate [room].

16 thoughts on “Then & now on Jaxton Wheeler

    1. PLENTY of times. When he was first Valentino, I think about three. And there was that video were he actually out-bottomed Johnny Rapid.

      He’s a “reformed” bottom now though.

  1. This is the result of abusing hard drugs, steroids, only dating female porn stars and escorts and having half a dozen kids all by different women.

    The man is in a very sorry state and doesn’t even make good porn anymore. He did though! When he didn’t look like trailer trash who’s had a hard life, he was very sexy and a great bottom.

    He just comes across now as a dirty, unpleasant, straight pervert.

  2. Not a fan though he was ok on Chaosmen back in the day!

    On another note have you heard about Beef Cake Hunter Vic being out of action.

    There is the statement on the website stating the following


    Dear Hunters, while trying to create content and deliver for the BCH fans, Vic suffered a terrible accident, from which he is still recovering, hence the delayed update last week and possibly the following weeks. We appreciate your support, patience, and prayers in these difficult times. You will be informed as soon as there is an update on Vic’s health and when the weekly updates will resume. Again, Vic is very grateful for your appreciation and support, and he desires nothing more than to continue to deliver for the BCH family. Thanks!

    I mean QMN This sounds vague though that Vic had a terrible accident! What does that mean, what actually happening? Did one of his models turn on him? Now Vic is out of action, can get another person assist him with the Beefcakes to improve the content. Seeing him all the time is challenging!

    1. Vic is the guy who never changes his thong, right?

      I wouldn’t wish anyone ill, but the way to redeem that site would be for him to stay off camera permanently and to bring in an actually attractive man to have sex with the guys.

      It won’t happen of course, because having sex with these men is his fantasy / living dream.

  3. He’s been in the biz for 11 years. Jeez
    When is he going away?
    Wasn’t he boasting he was moving to Germany or something

  4. After that whole incident where he allegedly told that female pornstar to kill herself on twitter , he’s been quite the shitshow.. If you look at his twitter feed it’s a nightmare.. very anti vax and very anti govt.. I too have heard the stories of him fathering 6 or 7 kids by different women because his ” alpha seed” must be spread. He’s got one hell of a Napoleon complex too from the looks of it.

    1. Ah, yes! August Ames RIP. He trolled her mercilessly and when she committed suicide, he deactivated his Twitter to prevent anyone Tweeting/tagging him. He then reactivated it a few weeks later like nothing had happened.

      He’s not just a bully, but a coward.

  5. It’s funny because after she did commit suicide,he tried to play victim by saying he had to call the FBI to protect his son from death threats.. and I’m like “which one?

  6. Something about the proportions in that NDS shot lead me to think he might be on the short side, but anyways – yawn.

    Just an aside, is anyone else thinking of killing their Twitter account?

  7. His Chaturbate is horrific. He sits there with a frown on his face and doesn’t even do what his tippers request. He only wants to sleep with his trailer trashy chick and rarely wants you to even discuss gay sex or gay anything. This guy is checked the fuck out and honestly he needs to hang it up ASAP.

  8. Jaxton Wheeler is an amazing performer and escort. He’s professional and always goes the extra mile. He’s spent nearly 20 years developing his body the way it is. He’s my top daddy and he should be spreading his alpha seed. I just wish I could give him another baby.

  9. There were so many scenes where he was really sexy. Saw him walking in Chelsea several years ago, and I just about broke my neck to get a look at his plump muscle ass as he passed. Lately he’s been going through an odd phase. A haircut would be a huge improvement, and maybe Invisalign. Looking like a freaky dead-broke member of a dive bar garage band isn’t cute when you’re middle aged. Frankly, I couldn’t care less about the beef he had with some other performer online. People talk shit constantly on social media and don’t think twice about it. For him, it was the unfortunate luck of the draw that he got into an exchange with someone who was unstable.

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