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  1. Dammit Corbin Fisher just when I go and write you off after few poor weeks, you come back with this God Damn scorching scene. Fucking Hell! The energy, fun, verbal’s damn, Liam is a great performer. I so wish that some of the old guys would come back to work with him, in order to match his energy as it is through the roof. This current batch is lacklustre energy wise.

    I also hope when he moves on from Corbin Fisher, that he sticks around in Gay Porn, NOT Gay Hoopla though, who I rate but bot for this performer! can see him with number of far more energetic performers to match him all the way in the industry. Rocky was ok but not man or energetic enough for Liam!

    Seriously Though, I Fucking Loved Every Minute Of This Scene!

    Damn the man is pure sex on legs and that ass getting pounded down very nice. Tim Tales is not my favourite site since they block me on twt, but damn Liam need a number of big dick guys, to fuck him down, proper style and that site would be an excellent transition, in his being a totally hottie masculine submissive bottom!

    1. TimTales. The scenes seem as if most of the bottoms are not enjoying themselves. According to an article I read Ryhyeim Shabazz left because he believes sex should be enjoyable, not borderline rape

      1. Tim Tales is a mixed bag. I can’t watch the scenes where the bottoms are brutally abused, but that seems like about 20% of the scenes, maybe fewer. As I noted in another reply, I’m impressed with recent work at Kristen Bjorn that gets the passion and pleasure right and everybody’s having fun.

        1. Pal Tim Tales is known for their hard sex scenes!

          Please stop the abused accusations. The models put on performance that is consensual. I was big fan of theirs and am no more after being blocked on twitter.

          However that aside, they are a pretty decent porn site and using words like Rape and Assault like you and R46 have are serious accusations and damaging to them and is unconstructive!

          All of the websites promote over hard pounding sex as way entertaining us porn fans! Even Vanilla Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody do in some of their scenes. It is all banging out ‘Straight Guy Bottoms by the Hetero Tops’, as it that it how sex should be, and it isn’t in real life!

      2. What are you on about seriously?

        Ms Shabazz did not want to be tied to a studio just like Michela Lucas left Falcon after a few appearances, He used them to get publicity and left end of!

        Please borderline rape ! πŸ˜‚

    2. Have you tried Kristen Bjorn’s site lately? I was impressed with the athleticism of the sex but also the passion and reciprocity. Also lots of deep kissing and rimming. If you like to see some hard pounding with excited and eager bottoms, you might be pleased. Lots of hispanic models lately who also appear on TT and Fuckermate, but directorial choices are noticeably different.

      1. Yes and that what KB is known for I have been fan for years. TT is different genre of Gay Porn and I have complained about the lack of reciprocity and missionary and initial penetration shots.

    1. Excellent scene because of Rocky, who is the current star of the stable, but Liam gives a terrific performance here. IMHO I don’t think either one is str8 but who cares? The bonus in this scene is both have full bushes, really hot.

      1. I’ve been waiting a couple years to re-up at CF because they keep using the same small group of models over and over, especially Roman. Maybe Liam will provide the motivation.

      2. Mate I am glad they are not straight, as that does not matter to me unlike other fans whose preference that these guys identify as 100% heterosexual is a must.

        I said to the model on Twitter, that used to be Wesley ‘that if you consider going into the G4Porn Industry, there has to be a desire/want to have sex with other guys. But whether you choose to live openly as Gay man, after this is another matter. it takes years to accept yourself!

        Liam is a bloody good performer and Rocky always delivers so that is must for me!

    2. I think the scene is super hot too πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅ I think Rocky knows Liam is at the beginning of his bottoming journey, so he didn’t fully let go, but look at Liam! I think he’s super turned on by the whole being dominated experience. You gotta have someone who can totally own him, physically, verbally, and then when it gets there mentally too! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ And it shouldn’t happen when Liam asks for it, the guy who fucks him should actively do that all the time, and make him beg for more. πŸ˜‹

      The way he begs to be slapped, the way he moans when he gets fucked, the way he was spit, he should be made to swallow it all in. The ending would be perfect if it involves Liam down on his knees, mouth wide open, begging for his top’s jizz and him showing the milk and how he gulps it all down like a good boy. I recall Beau and Baker did it and I love it and miss it badly. πŸ˜‡

  2. Unless you were under a rock or in the dentist chair for most of the day, most of you have heard (and the lucky subscribers have watched) a scene released today by Legacy studio CORBIN FISHER which in many peoples opinion is hands down the gay porn event of the year. 2 hot enthusiastic performers who are more than obviously enjoying their assignment, having enthusiastic, scorching hot sex the likes we’ve not scene this year from any studio. No Castles, no villas, new not 10 years ago β€œnew”, staring Corbin Fishers number one rated performer Rocky giving Uber hot newcomer Liam a fuck he and the rest of us won’t soon forget. Definitely deserving of best duo scene in whatever category each awards show thinks they belong and some just would not include CF anyway. Just a very special gift to us from Jason, Rocky and Liam.

    1. Yes it is good, but not best of the year as there have plenty of as good scenes in 2022 . Rocky rang out of stream and could not keep up with energy of Big Liam but it a great performance overall.

      I pretty much like the Gay Hoople scene with Jeremy B and Mick R as well which had great energy. CF had better camera angles and direction and cum shots though then GH, so they must be feeding the models the right supplements etc lol!

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